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Heavetra Vs Giant Ranger
Joined: 2004/3/4
A/S/L Vana'Diel
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This first clip is the firt thing i took out after i had went on a massive deleving spree, the game wasn't gonna let me win a battle, or i was just to mad and got into fights that i should not have i died alot more then i should have and deleveled 2 levels, becuse i just couldn't bear the fact that Decent challenge opponet wass kicking my arse.

Break down when you con something or check it to see how it stacks up to you you will get these check replies.

1: Impossible to Guage
2: Incredibly Tough
3: Very tough
4: Tough
5: Even Match
6: Decent Challenge
7: Easy
8: To weak to be worthwhile

2-6 can also be followed with Seems to have High or Low Defence & Evasion, either both, or just one, or neither.

This ranger Coned as Easy to me. lol i know picking on the little guys, but still the easy prey is tough. I just needed some resolve from dying, and i needed a little payback, but this guys isn't that little.

You can get this clip from my folder in the channel in !FFXI! trigger


Yes im a duel sword weilding RedMage/Ninja

I will work on better quality clips as time progresses.

Spellcheck = DEATH
Posted on: 2004/6/3 4:59
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