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Pics Updated!!! so look at them :)
Joined: 2004/3/4
A/S/L Vana'Diel
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Well i took some screen caps of my journey hope you like them.

This pic is of me and my second account name this is the armor that i have on right now, armor and stuff changes through out game play, I like that.
Currently i am Lvl 44 RedMage/ Lvl 18 Ninja with Heavetra, Darkchylde is only a Lvl 9 Monk.

This is a fancy EXPENSIVE out fit i bought for Heavetra, it basically just for show cuz its defenses are realy low. I had to buy out fit in sections cuz it costed so much :( ouch. But i want her to have the best....

This is my battle with the NM Notorious Monster Lumbering Lamber pretty big, but i took him out with my swords he put up a good fight, but i won in the end. I got the rare drop from him The Lumbering Lambert Horn which enables you to get a belt for monk later on. Darkchylde had to sit this one out cuz she would have died in 1 hit being lvl 9 and all..
But she got quite a show :)

This picture is when me and Dark traveled to Valkurm Dunes I was power lvling her at the time the gobs focusing attack on my high lvl character cuz i cured dark and pulled hate from her onto my self, Poor gob dosnt pay any attention to dark picking away at his life from the backside :)

This is a pic of me overwatching Dark after i raised her from the dead, she was in a weakend stae and voulnerable to attacks at the time. She had to take five to pray :)

Too funny some poor sap had a train of lizards chasing him they all linked and continue to make chain bigger, me an dark watch as he run all over the dunes.. Now anyone unless high level would zone with a mess like this so did he???? Look below.
This pic was taken in the afternoon in game time

Nope, here he is later on in the evening with the same train still not zoning he is in the pic all the way to the left. Silly, anyone that would try to help him would get aggroed buy the whole trin cuz they all link to the same thing.. Was funny, i had to log out for work, so i never knew what became of him :(

Well thats all for now.. I will post more Later :)

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Posted on: 2004/6/22 6:48
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