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soulhunter14 wrote:

Shurikid wrote:
Well, this was certainly a long time coming. I think I saw the first indications of this kind of decision towards the start of TITO promotions in the U.S.; lately, Utada has been pretty nostalgic what with ten+ years of her career behind her and I think she's at a perfect impasse to do this right now. She's just completed her obligation to IDJ, In The Flesh was apparently one of her dreams come true and she's been quiet enough for the past year that I don't think anyone should really be shocked by this news. Hikki has always said she would either retire early or take some time to do other things- I for one am extremely supportive of this choice. Rocketing to super stardom at the age she did doesn't do a whole lot of good for a person's identity development and I think if nothing else Hikki has struggled with that on a personal level for some time now. I'm encouraged by her guarantees that she will be back, so at least we know this isn't her call to retirement, and while I'm saddened that this year may be the last in several for Hikki material (at least, musically speaking ;]), I'm truly excited for it and I can't wait to see what Hikki will bring to the table after all this is said and done. Watching her grow and mature as an artist at the same time that I have grown and matured as a person has been one of the most fantastic aspects of being a fan: it's good to know she'll be keeping in touch during this next phase of her human journey. :3

I'm with you here. 2009 was a silent year for Utada. Although she has done a lot of activities, it wasn't that explosive as before. And in fact, a 2-5years rest is incomparable if she has done it during her youth years. Being a celebrity doesn't really allow her to get what she really wants, a normal life. She always need to update and make songs once in a while for her career to last. Working for the public in several years is unhealthy and very tiring for a celebrity (in her private life). I'm pretty sure after that 2-5years of wait we'll be having a better or either the best Utada Hikaru from now. Let's give her a time to enjoy this human life.

I really don't understand what you are trying to say ; There isn't that much of her life publicized and nor is she often the center of gossip; She not hindered from going out in public or anything and she never really expressed continuing to make music as something she needed to do to maintain herself either. I can't say I know Utada's personal plights with her label but judging from Shiina's experiences Toshi-EMI will let you do whatever you want upon proving yourself. These are 2 artist that did it instantaneously. She could retire tomorrow and Toshiba EMI will still look out for her and their own pockets. They'd have a best album out next year with a box set of the albums Jp&Us and dvd live and clip collection to boot. She always has the option of retiring but she simply hasn't or didn't want to because she wants to actually make music. She wants to share herself with people not just please them(or else TiTO wouldn't exist). I'd vouch for her early childhood being more hectic than her life with fame.

None the less, she can do whatever she wants. I actually wouldn't mind one last release and then a retire from her. I personally think that she'd go on to be a writer/mangaka or start a school after she finishes her schooling.
Posted on: 2010/8/9 22:05
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