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Jiremi wrote:

soulhunter14 wrote:

Canitoch wrote:

Jiremi wrote:
Why are people so quick to suspect contracts being over and failing labels? Why can't people just accept the fact that Utada wants to take a break. It's not that uncommon. In America, singers take breaks all the time. Many release albums every 2-4 years and almost all feel deprived of a childhood or social life because of the business. Utada's doing what any other American singer does. Eventually, in anyone's career, they just need a break, time to reanalyze and focus. It's normal . Just be happy with the 12 years Utada has been entertaining us and finally let her have a moment for herself.

A contract being up doesn't mean it's bad. It just means it's up. I never said she's lying about the whole wanting to take a break, or that it's not a factor, because it is.

If she wanted to continue writing music in EMI, she would've renewed her contract right? Well she doesnt, she basically said so herself (she wants a break). I'm just saying she's most likely just finishing up her contract because she is releasing this Singles Collection v2 with some bonus tracks. Why else would she make it? If she's tired of music, she wouldn't be in the process of making new stuff lol.

What "failing labels"? We didn't even said that. Where'd it come from? Anyway, if an artist is signed into a contract there's always and end of it and you have to sign another contract if it ended and if you want to continue working with them. That goes not only for Utada.

She never said her contract was up, nor did she say she was tired of music. She is writing music, still, for EMI. Just because she's releasing a Single Collection Vol. 2 with bonus tracks, doesn't mean she's finishing up a contract. That's just what your friend speculates. It's common for bonus tracks to be added to a BEST (Singles in this case) album. That's what makes it worth buying. Also, the fact that Utada is going on this break for only-she-knows how long, she might feel like she should add new material for fans because of this sudden announcement. To end an era n a good note, ya know?

Canitoch said:
EMI is one of the worst record labels to be in since it's close to bankruptcy

That's what would be considered a "failing record label", right? Regardless if EMI is close to bankruptcy, it's clearly not the reason for Utada's break. That is all I'm saying. I just don't understand why people can't accept Utada's reasoning for the break. No hard feelings, though. These are only opinions.

If her contract wasnt up you think EMI is going to let her sit there for years and not do anything? :p I never said that she's lying about the reasons for taking her break, I'm just saying there's probably much more to it that just "I want to take a break". But yes, in the end she does want a break, but I don't think her label is just going to be like "Well cya!" I think they are more on the line of "You aren't leaving just yet, you have to do some work"

I don't know where I'm coming off as "unaccepting of Utada wanting to take a break". Again in the end, that's what she wants. But i think her label is wanting her to do one final project before she leaves. I don't understand how the whole contract ending thing (if it's true or not we will never know) is bad either lol. But like you said, it's all opinion here
Posted on: 2010/8/10 22:02
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