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Re: Cubic U - Here And There And Back Again
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I never heard this before. A very good find indeed. I think it's one of the better songs as Cubic U; that said (& I touched on this in another post of mine) I always think Hikaru's English lyrics are rather trite and contrived. I know she's only 13 or 14 here when she wrote this w/another writer, Charlene (something), but my impression of her on most of her English language songs are that she almost tries to be someone she isn't and that her lyrics are as though they are simply contrived to fit the melody she's created beforehand. But she lacks the creativity she has when she writes in Japanese so she doesn't quite pull it off. I think that was one of the contributing factors among other things where, imo, she could have fared far better in the American & global market for her English albums if she had written Japanese lyrics first and have someone who could have either translated or paraphrased those hypothetical lyrics for her, even though I know she is bilingual. I just think she has better creative command in Japanese. I think the only English song of her's that I really loved the lyrics and music was "Kremlin Dusk" in all of it's baroque-jangle-wave-feel-glory? in the same way I loved "Tokyo Nights" on Deep River.
Posted on: 2014/3/14 21:50
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