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  •  KumaLuva
Re: Rumor about Francesco
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"Living off her money".

LOL, c'mon.
Hikki is worth like $150 million or more.
Her husband makes a pittance compared to her, why wouldn't he live off her money? It seems like Hikki is cool with that so whats the problem?
It's her money and her life and she can do whatever she wants with it I say.

Also this is only part of the story.
Francesco was fired from his job at Bulgari because he asked his boss for a couple weeks off to get married and go on his honeymoon and they told him no.
They were obviously jealous of him marrying Hikki and being instantly famous and rich.

(But seriously, why would he even go back to his job anyway?)

I don't see how any of this reflects badly on Hikki at all.
If anything it makes her look like the generous and loving person that we all know she is.

The media is just jealous of Hikki and her husband right now and it's quite obvious in how they are trying to frame these non-stories.
Posted on: 2014/8/2 22:03
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