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Re: Concerts!
Hikki Obsessed
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Most recently I went to Perfume's live concert in LA! I think I almost started crying because it was so surreal to be able to see them in person for the first time. I was a bit bummed that the people around me were quiet (so I felt a little awkward that I was so pumped up at each next song) but overall 10/10 absolutely a once in a lifetime experience.

I've also been to Ariana Grande's concert, which I am not ashamed to say that I quite enjoyed even if she does have a bad personality. I believe my first ever concert was a Paul McCartney concert which I slept through

And of course I've been to Utada's 2010 House of Blues concert, which sadly is such a blur to me (the most I remember is walking into the venue's restaurant(?) area and hearing her rehearse Stay Gold...my god that was a magical moment. I think the only other thing I remember is that I was really excited for the Exodus song series, and that I thought she looked really different in person. Oh and the awkward Happy Birthdays sung while the staff was setting up the stage, and the booing to her DJ because it was taking so long.
Posted on: 2015/10/19 21:02
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