Posted by Q on 2009/2/9 21:20:00 (828 reads) has been updated today with two bits of information: First and foremost, the Japanese release date for Utada?s new album, ?This Is The One,? has been pushed back from the original March 4th date to March 14th. Additionally, a video of Ne-Yo?s recent message to Utada has been imbedded on the site. The video includes a little bit more than what was included in the recent video press kit.

Credits to UtadaHikaruFan2

Posted by SwallowTail on 2009/2/3 16:42:30 (1094 reads)

Utada "HEART STATION" got nomination for Female Video Music in MTV Shower Video Music Award 2009

MTV Japan Video Music Award 2009

Full review for all nominee

MTV Japan Video Music Award Nomination 2009

Posted by Q on 2009/1/31 6:59:00 (984 reads)

Island Def Jam's website recently posted under their News & Info section, an article announcing Utada's new single 'Come Back To Me' and her forthcoming album. The news release carefully introduces Utada to the U.S. and is an indication of IDJ's seriousness about her release this time around.

Click Read More for the article.

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Posted by Q on 2009/1/19 0:00:00 (1839 reads)

Best wishes to Hikaru this day, January 19th, her 26th birthday!
Nothing but the best for the upcoming year!

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Posted by Q on 2009/1/18 18:06:36 (807 reads)

On Utada's MySpace page, a new cover art image has been revealed for "Come Back To Me".

Posted by SwallowTail on 2009/1/13 20:44:00 (1010 reads)

New update from announcing Chaku-uta mobile song downloads will be available Feburary 18th in Japan

Posted by Q on 2009/1/9 5:35:00 (1103 reads)

Official Japanese website, was recently updated for the "Come Back To Me" release. Similar to, it has been updated with the "Come Back To Me" full preview, but has also been updated with the upcoming English album release dates:
Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 for Japan and Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 for the US!

Also, thanks to Yahoo Japan, and, we now know Utada's *official* MySpace page is

Thanks to SwallowTail

Posted by Q on 2009/1/7 1:49:02 (1566 reads)

Its official, as first reported here, Utada's upcoming US single will be titled "Come Back To Me". Island Def Jam's site for Utada has now been updated with a splash page featuring a full preview for her upcoming American single "Come Back To Me"!

Have a listen:

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Posted by SwallowTail on 2009/1/1 20:33:00 (1046 reads)

According to nikkei article, Utada Hikaru's "HEART STATION" is itunes Top Album of the Year 2008 on Japan itunes, along with Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" at # 2, BEST FICTION's "Best fiction" at #3, Superfly's "Superfly" at #4 and EXILE'S "EXILE CATCHY BEST" at #5.

Utada Hikaru's "Prisoner of Love" is also in the Top three for itunes Top Song of 2008.
And Oricon has released Top 10 Oricon Album of 2008,
Utada Hikaru's "HEART STATION" at # 5.

Congratulation to HIKARU.

Posted by Q on 2008/12/16 18:50:54 (3026 reads)

According to FMBQ, a radio industry news site / magazine, they report that in February 2009, Utada's next English single for her second U.S. album will be titled "Come Back to Me" and will be available for radio airplay.
Expected radio dates can can be as early as February 9th, 2009!

Thanks to ghostdog for the news.

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Posted by SwallowTail on 2008/12/9 5:41:00 (1121 reads)

Hikaru's Official Web Site has been updated with new profile pictures, and news of two official books to be published in Spring of 2009. The books titled "Ten" (Point) and "Sen" (Line), are to commemorate Utada?s ten years in the music industry. The titles of the books appear to reference the lyrics of ?Deep River,? the title track off her 3rd Japanese language album.

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Posted by SwallowTail on 2008/11/20 21:28:00 (1105 reads)

According to BARKS Japan Article, "Eternally-Drama Mix-" on the OST for Fuji TV drama series, Innocent Love, was the most requested on Japan's USEN song radio for the week ending November 19. The currently limited distribution has been released as a single, 500,000 have already exceeded the number of downloads. "Eternally" (original version) and collate the DL with 150,000 songs a total download 650,000 will be surpassed.

"Eternally-Drama Mix-", currently has no plans for a Japanese CD

Posted by SwallowTail on 2008/11/13 18:28:00 (985 reads)

Oricon has revealed this year?s Favorites Artist selected by 20.000 reader's. And guess who is at the Top Spot, yup no doubt, Utada comes in at #1 again this year, making this her 2nd consecutive #1 and 3rd time at the top of the list (2004, 2007, 2008). #2 goes to Kobukuro, followed by Aiko at #3, Mr. Children at #4, and Dreams Come True at #5. No word yet on whether there will be a special issue of the magazine this year. Ganbatte ne Utada Hikaru !

Posted by SwallowTail on 2008/11/3 6:06:00 (1085 reads)

Utada's Official Japanese Websitehas been updated with news of 2 special promotions to commemorate Utada?s 10th anniversary in the Japanese music industry. Between now and Christmas Day, a free Chaku-Voice ringtone featuring Utada will be available for those in Japan who pick up a free magazine/newspaper at participating music stores across the country. In addition, EMI Japan is asking fans to vote their favourite Utada's song of all time for a chance to win 1 of 10,000 sets of A4 size poster reprints for all 5 of Utada?s original albums. In addition, fan picks and comments will be posted on the website after the December 25th deadline.

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Posted by SwallowTail on 2008/10/31 6:09:00 (961 reads)

"Eternally Drama-mix" Chaku Uta Full start today 31 October
Fuji TV drama series "Innocent Love" Theme
Chaku-Uta Full


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