Posted by Q on 2005/12/24 5:23:20 (1573 reads)

Inoue Yosui (57) did a special live Christmas concert in Tokyo at the Ebisu Garden hall on the 23rd of December. About 800 people were in attendance.

Hikki made a special appearance at this concert. Hikki and Yosui are known to be good friends.
Hikki was introduced as a surprise, midconcert as she got up from her seat, and she did a duet with Yousui, singing "Automatic" and "Kohri no sekai".

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Posted by Q on 2005/12/12 19:08:16 (1509 reads)

Check it out!
"'05 Ijou '06 Miman"

There will be a Talk & Live Performace ("Passion"+ α)
Video download will be available Dec. 22nd 2005 (Thur.) 18:00 ~ Jan. 10th 2006 (Tues.) 17:00

A gift from Hikki just in time for Christmas!!!

You can now download the video file of the talk and performance from the Toshiba-EMI site. The Cover song she does is an excellent rendition of Greenday's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

Posted by Q on 2005/11/25 17:43:19 (1883 reads)

As of this moment, is at 1051 members!
Congratulations to marylou for being our 1000th member!!!

Posted by Q on 2005/11/20 7:46:57 (1466 reads)

Hikki's WEBSITE from Toshiba-EMI has just been updated. You can now preview audio and video clips of "Passion" on the New Releases page. Also there is a new "Passion" page, with audio/video clips, as well as a photo gallery, and screensaver and wallpaper downloads.

Also the Gallery section has been updated with the "Be My Last" page.

Posted by Q on 2005/11/16 8:30:02 (2120 reads)

Hikki's Toshiba-EMI site just updated with the news that the next single "Passion" will begin on air radio and TV play on Monday, November 21st!
"Passion" is the theme song to the highly anticipated video game, Kingdom Hearts II.

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Posted by Q on 2005/11/13 23:51:07 (2782 reads)
The news section has been updated with a schedule for TV appearances for promotion of the new single "Passion"
The New Releases section has been updated with information on the specifics of the "Passion" single


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Posted by Q on 2005/11/10 5:21:00 (1220 reads)

If you didnt already know, Hikki is doing an Internet Live performance and talk.
She will perform Be My Last and answer some questions.

Live Streaming:
Nov.11th (Fri.) ~Nov.19th (Sat.)

Download Available:
Nov.11th (Fri.) ~Nov.20th (Sun.)

Posted by Unregistered on 2005/11/7 8:41:26 (1245 reads)

Utada is interviewed on the UK music site, to promote her new single 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man'.
Check out the interview at

Posted by Q on 2005/10/13 22:49:00 (1701 reads)


New Single "Passion," theme song for "Kingdom Hearts II"
On sale 12.14 (simultaneous release of CD and CD+DVD)

TOCT-5003/\1,050 (tax in)
* Paper sleeve

TOCT-5004/\1,575 (tax in)
* 2-disc set, bundled with DVD containing promotional video clip of "Passion
乣single version乣"; picture label

Passion 乣single version乣
Passion 乣after the battle乣

Posted by Q on 2005/9/11 11:59:58 (1741 reads)

> There's a new message from Hikki on
She talks about 9-11 and various other disasters that've happened. This message is in Japanese, please read the translation here.

> CDTV today showed a preview for the "Be My Last" video. It was filmed in Prague and looks great! Read on to see pictures of the preview.

> Utada's "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" is making waves in Ukraine! On the M1 channel, YMMWTBAM has moved up on the M20 charts to #8. Also, she is still being featured on the M1cipe show, where viewers can vote online for their favorite video, and is getting a lot of attention. Please keep voting, lets make Utada #1 in the Ukraine!

Furthermore, YMMWTBAM is #19 on the UK HOUSE MUSIC CHARTS for September 2005 according to

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Posted by Q on 2005/9/5 2:50:44 (1259 reads)

The news from Hikki's WEBSITE has been updated with a couple tidbits.

The site has just been updated with info on the premiere of the "Be My Last" Music Video. It will be shown first on September 10th on CDTV, and then everywhere else on September 14th.

Also, it was announced that "Be My Last" media can be downloaded to a cellphone through
I assume that this is only available to Japanese cellular customers.

Posted by Unregistered on 2005/8/30 2:14:00 (1262 reads)

Update from

Be My Last Media Article Appearance Plans:

05.09.08 - Pia (ぴあ)
05.09.14 - CD Data (CDでーた)
05.09.14 - WHAT's IN?
05.09.20 - VA (TSUTAYA Free Paper)
05.09.20 - HMVmusicmaster (HMV Free Paper)
05.09.20 - "Shuukan The Television" (週刊ザ・テレビジョン)
05.09.22 - Pia (ぴあ) (again? :S)
05.09.24 - BLT
05.09.25 - Muse Clip (Free Paper) (ミューズ・クリップ )
05.09.27 - Tokyo Walker
05.09.28 - TV LIFE
05.09.28 - MORE
05.09.28 - with
05.09.29 - Yahoo!Music Magazine (Web)
05.09.30 - oricon style
05.10.01 - Kemunabi (Free Paper) (けむナビ )

Posted by Q on 2005/8/26 9:45:23 (2737 reads)

?Be My Last? Blog> Hikki's Web Site has been updated with the news of the 'Be My Last' Blog and the New Releases section has been updated with 'Be My Last'. The Profile section has also been updated with a new picture and updated facts

> is the official blog site for the 'Be My Last' single. You can listen to sample clips of the song there as well as leave comments and such.

> As was stated previously on Hikki's Web Site news, 'Be My Last' begins air play on radio today (August 27th Japan time).

> From Hikki's Web Site and the 'Be My Last' Blog, as well as you can see that there are new promo pictures for the 'Be My Last' single

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Posted by Q on 2005/8/8 19:11:04 (2670 reads) has been updated with a new look. The entire site has not been revamped as of yet, only the splash page when you first goto is new. The splash features a new photo, similar to a scene from the "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" music video. This revamp is obviously in preparation for Utada's upcoming UK release. The front page features links to preview the audio and video of the YMMWTBM track, as well as a link to this press release about her UK debut.

UPDATE: now has a similar look, with a press release in Japanese.

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Posted by Q on 2005/8/6 22:48:35 (1733 reads)

According to Utada is set to debut in the UK! EXODUS the album, is set to be released on September 26th and the track 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man' will be released as a single a week earlier on September 19th.

Also, there will be a 'MTV Digital Discovery' launch to support these releases. This will feature "a special series of Utada animations, videos and high editorial support", including interviews, digital downloads and MTV First Listen, all to be featured on international MTV websites.

September is going to be an awsome month, with the additional release of 'Be My Last', a Japanese single for the movie 'Haru no Yuki'.
Thanks to EYRPffx2 for the news

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