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As many have noticed, there have not been many news updates lately - but not from a lack of news. I have been too busy to update anything recently.
In future, I would like to ask others to please help out. If there is news thats not anywhere on the site, could you please post it up in the News section of the Forums - Thanks.
All news from March 15th to April 26th has been updated.


Theres a new Japanese message from Hikki!

She discusses recent world events and news.
Click here to read the message from
Or check Nuuk's Hikki Texts for an English translation.

Posted by Q on 2005/4/20 12:00:00 (1254 reads) officially announces that a vinyl record LP single of "Exodus '04" will be released in the US on May 17th, 2005. The LP will include several remixes.
You can preorder your copy now from

[April/25] is also updated with this news.

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The media gallery at has been updated with new images of Hikki.

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In the April issue of Paper Magazine, Utada is featured as one of the "Beautiful People" of 2005. They define "beautiful people" as "creative talents", not just physical beauty.

Go here to view the article. Click on the image of Utada in the lower right for the article about her.

The article basically sums up her fame in Japan and her history.

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Posted by Q on 2005/4/5 19:17:00 (1226 reads) has just launched a mobile version of its site. This mobile site is available for viewing on portable devices such as cell phones and PDAs. It should allow you to keep up-to-date on Utada's latest messages from anywhere.
You can access the U3music mobile site here:

Also, and was updated with this news.

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Hikki stars in a new and very adorable commercial for the NintendoDS game, Nintendogs. Check it out here from

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There's a new message in English from Hikaru!
[3/14] I just saw "Robots"
First, obviously she has just seen the movie "Robots", but for most of the message she is talking about the experience of the Showcase. There was more people than she had expected, which affected the film footage. She defends her staff from criticism about them during the Showcase.

Posted by Q on 2005/3/14 16:00:00 (1058 reads)

In a this column in the New York Daily News, the writer tells us about a story that Hikki told at an "Exodus" album release party. She talks about her experiences when she first went to Columbia University, and about how everyone knew who she was and that she couldn't stay in the dorms because of security.

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Theres new messages from Utada on

[3/08] "Immediate Reply"
Utada helps a student in Japan write a letter in English to a student in Seattle.

[3/07] "Unhappiness Happens Frequently Around Me"
She basically talks about how a close friend of hers (who has been mentioned before in her blog) is getting defrauded on Yahoo! Online Auctions.

[3/06] "It's Difficult to Report About a Live Show"
She begins by talking about the Showcase Live and how good a performance it is. She then goes off topic and starts talking about comics. She's recently bought the manga "DEATH NOTE" (volume 1 - 5). She wonders if there are any other 22 year old female readers the "Jump" manga.
It seems that shes back in Japan... "What do you think about a girl, reading "Death Note" for 3 hours at fashionable beauty parlor in Tokyo?"

Look out for updates from Nuuk's translations.

Posted by Q on 2005/3/8 3:51:00 (1091 reads) is a teen lifestyle magazine. There is a nice article as a well as a very interesting interview with Hikki!

Read it here

Posted by LuvHikki on 2005/3/8 2:23:35 (2832 reads)
^Elton John praises Utada in an interview~~

In terms of surprises, there's an interesting girl, Utada, who's a pop star in Japan and who released an album late last year called Exodus [Island]. It's really interesting dance and pop music. She could be the first Japanese recording artist to really make it in the West.

awesomenessss!!! recognition rather than brainless mainstream!! is the way to go

Posted by Q on 2005/3/4 23:55:12 (1718 reads) is currently being featured in the 2005/3 issue of "Web Designing" Magazine. It's a Japanese print magazine specializing in the design of online content.
(English version)

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Posted by Q on 2005/3/1 23:54:34 (1130 reads)

Utada has been nominated for the BEST HOUSE / GARAGE TRACK of 2004 at the International Dance Music Awards. The IDMAs will be hosted at the Winter Music Conference 2005 in Miami.
Vote for Utada HERE (category #5).
Last day to vote is March 11th.

Posted by Q on 2005/2/24 2:49:01 (3538 reads) has just updated their news with a post-Showcase news flash.
Read the Japanese news here. News has now been updated with post-Showcase news.

For more pictures:
UN Gallery

The setlist was 1."Devil Inside", 2."Hotel Lobby", 3."Exodus '04", 4."Animato", 5."You Make Me Want To Be A Man", [talking], 6."Kremlin Dusk". Cameras were spotted at the event, so a DVD is a possibility. This live was done in a classical lounge theme, with the costuming and atmosphere done in that way. People were free to move about, just hanging out and drinking. The stage was surrounded by giant screens that projected graphics that went with the music, definitely a large and extravagant setup.

[Read more for updates]

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Posted by Q on 2005/2/23 4:41:40 (1186 reads)

The official breakthrough producer of the year Tom Neville has just finished a remix of Utada's "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" for Universal International. Not much information is given about when or where it will be released, but we'll update you when more info is announced.

From - Read under 'Tom Neville' in the News

[UPDATE]: Looks like we also forgot to read the rest of the Eye Industries news. Under 'Kurtis Mantronik', it says that "Hotel Lobby" has been remixed and is set to be released.

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