Posted by Q on 2011/1/13 21:59:41 (3359 reads)

The special site that has been set up for people to view the WILD LIFE concert on demand is now up.

In order to access the site, you need to have purchased Single Collection Vol.2 album. Inside the package of goodies, there should be a piece of paper with a code on it. This paper and code was meant to be an entry into a draw for tickets to a WILD LIFE concert. But the same codes are now being used for access to this special site.
(NOTE, its the piece of paper with on it)

The site (will) contain videos and a gallery from WILD LIFE, as well as a 'Special Movie', and a Gift area where people can sign up to receive a special gift of the week.

Posted by Polyrhythm on 2010/12/8 5:43:52 (4140 reads)

The show opened with a video featuring Utada in her Kuma costume. About 100,000 online viewers tuned in to the show!


00. Intro (Kuma Space Ship Video)
01. Goodbye Happiness
02. Traveling
03. Teiku 5
04. Prisoner of Love
06. Letters
07. Hymne a l'amour ~Ai no Anthem~ (new piano arrangement/sans French)
08. Saukra Drops (Utada on piano)
--Costume Change-- Eclipse Interlude mix played by band.
09. Passion (With the Kingdom Hearts II bridge)
10. Blue
11. Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
12. Stay Gold (Utada on piano)
13. Boku wa Kuma
14. Automatic
15. First Love (Utada on piano)
16. Flavor of Life (Ballad Version)
17. Beautiful World
18. Hikari
19. Nijiiro Basu

20. Across the Universe (The Beatles Cover/Utada on guitar)
21. Can't Wait 'Till Christmas
--Band/Staff Member Introductions--
22. Time Will Tell

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Posted by Q on 2010/12/5 13:31:26 (3096 reads)

@Hikki_staff and @U3music have confirmed on twitter, that the upcoming "WILD LIFE" Concerts on December 8th and 9th will be broadcast live on !

So overseas fans, prepare yourselves. :D it's 7pm, December 8th, Japan time! (convert your timezone here)

PC users: (700kpbs)
iPhone/iPad users: (300kpbs) teruzane

credits to soulhunter14

From Hikki's Website:

[2010/12/06] Utada Hikaru 's concert in Japan on December 8 to be broadcast live by Ustream to fans all over the world!
Live Broadcast Time: 2010/12/8 (Wed.) 19:00 JAPAN TIME (GMT +9 - be sure to calculate your local time )

Ustream ?WILD LIFE? Live Broadcast Account Page Main Channel (700kbps; recommended for users viewing the concert on a PC)
Sub Channel (300kbps; recommended for users viewing the concert on an iPhone/iPad)

No word on yet if the December 9th concert will also be broadcast.
But we assume it will likely be that the December 9th concert will only be for the television rebroadcasts and DVD releases.

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Posted by a_kikoo on 2010/11/29 11:53:25 (2827 reads)

Hikki's "Can't Wait 'Til Christmas" from her "Single Collection Vol.2" album Disk 2 will be featured as the CM song for Pepsi Nex!

This commercial will start airing December 4th.

So the rumored "Can't Wait 'Til Christmas" video was really a commercial?!

Watch the commercial on the Pepsi japan site and check out the new wallpapers here

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Posted by Q on 2010/11/23 12:00:00 (2493 reads)

Hikki's "SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2" Album is released today!
The album is a two disc set, with the first disc being a compilation of singles from the past few years and the second disc with five brand new amazing songs! "SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2" is the last release from Hikaru Utada before she goes on her announced 'break' from the music industry.

Posted by a_kikoo on 2010/11/21 13:29:34 (2492 reads)

Hikki's "嵐の女神" (Arashi no Megami) will be the campaign song for Morinaga's "1 Choco for 1 Smile"!

This campaign is to support the children who live in the areas where the cacao is produced. Morinaga will be donating 1 yen per 1 box of chocolates purchased during the Valentine?s season (January 1, 2011 through February 14, 2011). Also, 1 yen will be donated per download of Hikki's "嵐の女神" between November 24, 2010 to February 14, 2011. The commercials featuring "嵐の女神" will begin in early December!

A 45 second clip is now available for "嵐の女神" and "Can't Wait 'Til Christmas".

Hikki's "WILD LIFE" will be airing in HD on SKYPerfecTV on January 22, 2011 from 7:00! And in February, the original edition of "WILD LIFE" will air on the music channel SPACE SHOWER TV!

SPACE SHOWER TV ? スカパー! is giving away 500 pairs of tickets to Hikki's "WILD LIFE" on December 8 & 9! This contest may be entered only by Japanese mobile phone from November 22 - November 30.

For more information: and

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Posted by Q on 2010/11/20 23:27:00 (1929 reads)

Announced on Hikki's Website:
11 / 9 (Tue) PATiPATi
11/11 (Thur) (first issue) YOU MUSIC
11/13 (Sat) WHAT'S IN?
11/13 (Sat) CD & DL Data
11/15 (Mon) Gekkan Songs
11/15 (Mon) MUSICA
11/16 (Tue) PopSister
11/16 (Tue) Tokyo Walker
11/17 (Wed) Happie nuts
11/18 (Thur) Pia
11/20 (Sat) non-no
11/22 (Mon) Tokyo Calendar
11/24 (Wed) smart
11/24 (Wed) GekkanZaterebijon
11/26 (Fri) Ori★Suta
12 / 1 (Wed) mini
12 / 1 (Wed) Pen
12 / 7 (Tues) EDGE STYLE
Other announced soon

Posted by a_kikoo on 2010/11/16 14:42:39 (1550 reads)

Big news today!

"Show Me Love (Not A Dream)" will be the theme song of the movie "Ashita no Joe" to be released on February 11, 2011. According to EMI Japan, Recochoku Chaku-Uta and Chaku-Uta full downloads will begins today, November 17 5AM Japan time. Other downloads will begin on the 24th.

A 45 second preview is available for "Show Me Love (Not a Dream)".

Updated on Hikki's website : there will be a live viewing available for Utada Hikaru's upcoming concert, "Wild Life" in theaters all over Japan! This show will broadcast at 64 locations on 69 screens, for about 20,000 people in Japan who aren't able to attend the actual concert. This live viewing will only be for the 8th, starting from 7PM. Tickets are 3000 yen and will be available for purchase from November 21, 12:00.

For more information:

Posted by Q on 2010/11/8 12:23:12 (1828 reads)

The amazing "Goodbye Happiness" music video is out now! Check it out here on the official Utada Hikaru youtube channel! Its an cute and amazing video that one can only assume is an homage to all her fans who do 'Utube' videos.

So you might have noticed that there is now an Official Youtube channel for Hikki! It has already been preloaded with all past PVs and some live performances too!

Also, a new mobile website has been set up for "Goodbye Happiness",

Futher, just announced on her Twitter, Hikki says she has "signed a worldwide deal with EMI" and that this will give her "more freedom between languages, and more support overseas". This means she will be breaking ties with Island DefJam/Universal for the work she has done under the name UTADA. However, she says, "I still am taking a break from 2011. I don't know how much I'll carry on after I come back, can't promise a lot, but I will return"
According to this press release from EMI, she will go forth using the name 'Hikaru Utada'.

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Posted by Q on 2010/11/5 23:36:00 (1446 reads)

Hikki has recorded a special video message for the 50th anniversary of EMI Music Japan. Check it out here: (click the '50th Anniversary Message' section)

Also, according to this page on SpaceShowerTV, the upcoming video for "Goodbye Happiness" is ... directed by Hikki!?!
Can't wait to see what our favorite artist has in store for us!

[UPDATE]: Looks like the SpaceShowerTV page was updated again and Hikki's name was removed from the Director field (which is now blank).
[UPDATE2]: Looks like Hikki is back as the director ...

Posted by Q on 2010/11/2 2:06:00 (2010 reads)

Announced today on Hikki's Website, there will be a new music video for Hikki's new song "Goodbye Happiness". Further, there will be a DVD for the video and it will now be included free as a part of the Preorder Bonus for anyone who preorders the "SINGLES COLLECTION VOL.2" album before November 14th! (Preorders in-store and online are included)

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Posted by Q on 2010/10/28 19:44:00 (1501 reads)

Previews of Hikki's new song "Goodbye Happiness" that will be on her upcoming album "SINGLES COLLECTION VOL.2", have been released/announced on Twitter by Hikki and her staff. Have a listen here (wma)!

Also, Hikki's Website has been updated with dates for upcoming radio play and mobile downloads of the song! Radio airplay for "Goodbye Happiness" will begin November 1st, 2010 and mobile downloads will begin November 3rd, 2010!

Posted by soulhunter14 on 2010/10/27 0:23:29 (1363 reads)

Good day UtadaNet members,

As you can see, we've already announced this on the "Utada General Discussion" section.

For formality, and to those who are lurkers of the site, we're going to have a Twitter Brigade that will start on November 1 up to November 24, the release date of UHSCV2.

The Twitter Brigade will serve as our countdown for the release. To those who are interested, below is the instructions:

On your every Utada-related tweet, include #utadahikaru and #utadanet at the end. Or either one will do. (I've stated previously #utada first. But since it's her Japanese album, we should use #utadahikaru because #utada is for her English work). Now to those lurkers, you may not include #utadanet if you want.

There is no limit on how often you'll include #utadahikaru and #utadanet. Do it as much as you want.

The goal of this brigade is to make #utadahikaru a trending topic on twitter on or before the release date.

I'm hoping for a wide cooperation from all of you. Let's give it our best shot for this project.

Much love,

Posted by Q on 2010/10/24 22:19:40 (2138 reads)

Various online Japanese CD retailers (,, have posted to their catalogs, a new English Utada Album to be released November 24th, 2010. It is a sixteen track greatest hits album of her American work. No word yet on any releases for outside of Japan.

[UPDATE] (Oct.24.2010)
Utada tweeted to fans today regarding the upcoming Universal Japan release of "Utada The Best", a compilation 'best of' album of her English work, and how it is being release without her blessing.

The release of "Utada the best" is entirely against my will. I wish that my fans won't have to buy it. There's no new material in it.

In other Japanese posts, she even mentions how Universal was deciding on releasing this "Utada The Best" compilation album at the same time as her ?Single Collection Vol. 2? that is being released by EMI. Utada says that more detail about this will be released later on.

[UPDATE #2](Oct.25.2010)
Utada has just posted an more detailed message about this "Utada The Best" issue on her blog. She talks about the circumstances to which this other compilation album is being released, and her feelings about it and how it 'coincides' with her EMI release of UHSC2. She seems concerned about how this release will affect her fans. You can read the English translation here

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Posted by Q on 2010/10/24 19:59:23 (1811 reads)

Hikki's Website's news section has been updated with announcements of upcoming Utada Hikaru television programs and upcoming live radio appearances!


[2010/10/25] TV Channel Features for Music Video Clips Decided!
■ VMC ■

"VMC SPECIAL / Utada Hikaru"
11/21 (Sun) 19:00-21:00 (TV Edition)
Repeat Broadcast: 11/27 (Sat) 21:00 - And again in December

"Artist File Utada Hikaru"
11/22 (Mon) 19:00 to 20:00 (first broadcast)
* repeat broadcast is scheduled for December.

"COMPLETE VIDEOS - Utada Hikaru 98/10-"
11/27 (Sat) 20:00 to 22:30 (first broadcast)
* repeat broadcast is scheduled for December.

■ MTV ■
"MTV A CLASS: Utada Hikaru"
11/27 (Sat) 20:00 - 21:00 (first broadcast)
Repeat Broadcast: 11/28 (Sun) 14:00, 12/03 (Fri) 17:00, 12/04 (Sat) 18:00

[2010/10/25] FM Radio Guest Appearances Decided!

「McDonald's TOKIO HOT 100」
Nov. 21st(Sun)13:00~16:54
Nov. 24th (Wed) 20:00~21:25
Dec. 4th(Sat)& 11th(Sat) 12:00~12:50
More to be announced soon

Nov. 24th (Wed) 14:00~17:00
Nov. 25th (Thu)13:00~16:00

To be announced soon

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