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New update from announcing Chaku-uta mobile song downloads will be available Feburary 18th in Japan

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Official Japanese website, was recently updated for the "Come Back To Me" release. Similar to, it has been updated with the "Come Back To Me" full preview, but has also been updated with the upcoming English album release dates:
Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 for Japan and Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 for the US!

Also, thanks to Yahoo Japan, and, we now know Utada's *official* MySpace page is

Thanks to SwallowTail

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Its official, as first reported here, Utada's upcoming US single will be titled "Come Back To Me". Island Def Jam's site for Utada has now been updated with a splash page featuring a full preview for her upcoming American single "Come Back To Me"!

Have a listen:

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According to FMBQ, a radio industry news site / magazine, they report that in February 2009, Utada's next English single for her second U.S. album will be titled "Come Back to Me" and will be available for radio airplay.
Expected radio dates can can be as early as February 9th, 2009!

Thanks to ghostdog for the news.

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ne-yo has done a collaboration wih utada and the single came out on the 21st November in japan. the song is going to be on ne-yo's new album for japan. its great!! and the name of it - 'Do You' enjoy :)

and congrats to utada for another great song! :)

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Posted by Q on 2007/9/27 16:59:00 (4057 reads)

According to Hikki's latest blog post, written in English, she is currently in New York speaking with Island Def Jam, including producers and track-makers, about her next English language album.

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Utada is interviewed on the UK music site, to promote her new single 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man'.
Check out the interview at

Posted by Q on 2005/8/8 19:11:04 (2495 reads) has been updated with a new look. The entire site has not been revamped as of yet, only the splash page when you first goto is new. The splash features a new photo, similar to a scene from the "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" music video. This revamp is obviously in preparation for Utada's upcoming UK release. The front page features links to preview the audio and video of the YMMWTBM track, as well as a link to this press release about her UK debut.

UPDATE: now has a similar look, with a press release in Japanese.

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Posted by Q on 2005/8/6 22:48:35 (1619 reads)

According to Utada is set to debut in the UK! EXODUS the album, is set to be released on September 26th and the track 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man' will be released as a single a week earlier on September 19th.

Also, there will be a 'MTV Digital Discovery' launch to support these releases. This will feature "a special series of Utada animations, videos and high editorial support", including interviews, digital downloads and MTV First Listen, all to be featured on international MTV websites.

September is going to be an awsome month, with the additional release of 'Be My Last', a Japanese single for the movie 'Haru no Yuki'.
Thanks to EYRPffx2 for the news

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Posted by Q on 2005/7/28 18:10:00 (2966 reads)

It seems that Island/Universal is testing the "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" waters in Asia. There is indeed a new music video out for the track, and it has been spotted on TV in Thailand, Hong Kong and others. In the video, there is quite a bit of special effects, in make up and CG, making Hikki appear as a robot.

*Updated with more screencaps -

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The news on Hikki's Toshiba-EMI website has been updated again. This time it says that Hikki attended the opening day of a kabuki play called "NINAGAWA Twelfth Night" and that she wrote a review / account of it and it is being featured on the play website. The play is being held at the Kabuki-Za Theater in Ginza Tokyo.

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Theres a small blurb/review of the "Exodus '04" remixes single in Next Magazine.

In a similar vein, Double J?s take on Utada?s ?Exodus 04? passes up peak-hour red-lining in favor of cool electronic appeal with sophisticated European influences. The Island Records CD promo also contains a trio of exceptionally diverse re-rubs from Josh Harris (ranging from gritty electro to breakbeat and jungle lounge), a pair of dubs courtesy of J.J. Flores, chunky prog from Peter Bailey and two takes from Kriya and Velez that re-imagine Utada?s melancholia in hard trance and tech environs.


Also, apparently "Exodus '04" is making its way on to some of Billboard's dance charts. "Exodus '04" is scoring #11 on the Hot Dance Single Sales charts and #49 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts.

Posted by Q on 2005/6/22 22:43:06 (1213 reads)

The 11th track off Utada's EXODUS album has been remixed and getting airplay in Europe. Tom Neville's Remix of "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" has been made its way to the charts in the UK and has gotten play radio stations such as BBC's Radio1 and kiss100

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It's finally out! The Maxi CD Single hits American store shelves today. The CD features ten hot remixes by some of the worlds best DJs. Go to your local music store today and ask for "Exodus '04" or check grab it online from stores such as,, or

Posted by HELVENEUE on 2005/6/16 21:07:41 (1295 reads)

Utada recently attended the Japanese premiere of "War of The Worlds" with her husband, Kiriya Kazuaki in Tokyo. Its a Steven Spielberg film, starring Tom Cruise. The film opens June 29th
Click here for an image from the premiere.

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