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Hikaru Utada's blog website reportedly received one million views in a single day, following her announcement on her blog Monday that she will be taking a break from music starting in 2011. (Source: Sanspo)

Also, in a new message on her site today, Hikaru responds to a Suponichi article. Apparently, EMI Director/Producer Akira Miyake was misquoted and the article suggests that Hikki is taking a break because she has "lost a lot" and has been "unable to go to McDonalds and Shibuya 109". Which she responds as being "ridiculous _| ̄|○". (Message Translation)

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From a new message post today on Hikaru's blog site, Hikki reminisces about the past twelve years of her career and how she started when she was only fifteen years old. She goes on to say that it has been a long time and that she thinks that she needs to spend more time on life and take a BREAK from music. She indicates that it is NOT an announcement of "RETIREMENT" but not just a "rest" or "vacation" either.

So it seems Hikki will be taking a long term SABBATICAL from her music career! However, she assures fans that she will be back one day; two years ... five years ... she cannot be sure how long.

But before that, she says she will go full-throttle with music activities until the end of this year. In the blog message, she also announces a new compilation album, SINGLES COLLECTION VOL.2, which will also include four or five new songs! The release should sometime in Fall 2010.

She also announces that she will be a part of an endorsement campaign as well, so be sure to expect some new commercials featuring Hikki!

And she is also thinking of starting a Twitter account so she can more directly respond to fans during this time.

She thanks everyone, her staff, and her fans :)

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Hikki's WEBSITE for her Japanese / EMI work has been updated with a new look. Also, there is a new profile picture, which appears to be from the reported photo-shoot in Shibuya back in May, 2010.

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On June 6th 2010, Hikki turned 10000 days old!

Thanks to Dark_Armed_Dragon for pointing this out

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There are reports from mixi, japanese blogs and forums that Hikki was spotted in Shibuya, Tokyo, outside on a pedestrian bridge for a photo shoot on Thursday May 20, 2010.
No word yet on what the photo shoot may have been for.

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In message today on her blog, Utada reveals that Kuma (as a boy bear) is gay~

I don't think I've ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he's a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls...) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

Oh, did I just out Kuma?

Oh and in this message she reveals the drawings she did on the foam balls she threw out at her San Francisco show.

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Last night at a Mika concert in Tokyo at Studio Coast, Hikaru Utada made a special surprise appearance on stage to sing a duet with Mika. They sang a rendition of "Let It Snow".

Continue reading for video and photos ...

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20,000 readers of Oricon Style magazine voted Hikaru Utada as their no. 2 favorite artist of 2009.
First place went to Mr.Children.


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According to Goetz B's page on, he has done mixing work for a new Hikaru track titled "Show Me Love"! This will likely be a Japanese release.

credits to UN member Raito

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According to, Goetz B is/has been mixing new tracks for Hikaru Utada. Quote:

Goetz has recently finished producing and mixing tracks for Skye?s latest album with Alexis Smith, and is due to start mixing tracks for the next from Hikaru Utada (EMI).
It does not say specifically if it is a new album or single, but is likely a new Japanese album. Goetz has worked with Utada in the past before, mixing her "Keep Tryin'" single and "ULTRA BLUE" album. The page was updated May 2009, which was around the time Utada was diagnosed with peritonsillitis and cancelled promotion for her US album "This Is The One". So it is likely that in the hiatus since then, she has been mostly in the studio.

On Goetz B's profile, it says: Quote:
Goetz? talents have been employed to work on the new album by Japan?s multi-million selling artist Utada Hikaru.
However, we are unsure when this page was updated

Further, Hikki's recent blog post today talks about putting some 'german magic' into the music (FYI. Goetz is a German name).

props to Raito for the news

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The KDDI PLY is Hikki's new cell phone.

PLY is a cool touch screen phone, which follows the concept of layers, inspired by plywood.

The PLY came out just this month. It is likely that Hikki just got this phone sometime in the past couple days! The original concept for the phone was to have each layer support a function, such as: a gamepad, pico projector, printer, and an analogue clock where the minute hand sticks out past the screen! However in the actual production model, it seems most of those concept features did not make it in. It looks like a slider style phone with layered tab buttons on the side.
More info about the PLY:
Original Concept; iida Product Site;

We know that this is Hikaru's current phone because on her message blog, the images that she uploads as a part of her messages contain EXIF data that reveals what device the pictures were taken with.

According to this data, it appears that Hikki has been quite fashionable with her phones in the past year or two and gets new ones quite often. So far, these are the different phones that she has been using for 2009 and 2008:

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After a 4 month hiatus from her blog, here are two new Japanese messages
[2009/Sep/3 12:47pm GMT+6]
[2009/Sep/3 1:43pm GMT+6]

See Nuuks Translations here and here.

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According to this Yahoo! Music page, Utada Hikaru will be releasing a new single called "9歳の想い出" ("9 Sai no Omoide") or "9-Year-Old Memories". The single will be released August 21, 2009.

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The Japan Gold Disc Awards 23
Utada Hikaru / Hikki is awarded in four divisions

The Best 10 Albums
Golden Disk Award's 23 Best 10 Album

The Best five song
Prisoner Of Love
The best 5 Chaku-Uta Full
Prisoner Of Love
The Best Song 5pC delivery
Prisoner Of Love

Golden Disk Award'd 23 : Song's of the Year

Posted by seraphim on 2009/2/19 18:08:03 (929 reads) has released the official tracklisting of the Japan version of This is the One.

01. On And On
02. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
03. Apple And Cinnamon
04. Taking My Money Back
05. This One (Crying Like A Child)
06. Automatic Part II
07. Dirty Desire
08. Poppin?
09. Come Back To Me
10. Me Muero

The Japan version also includes two bonus remix tracks:
11. Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
12. Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)

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