UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Chicago!

Date 2010/2/2 1:00:00 | Topic: Utada News

The next stop for Utada on her "In The Flesh" concert tour is tonight (Feb. 2) in Chicago! The SOLD OUT show will be at The House of Blues @8pm.

Hope everyone has Fun! ... and please let us know your experiences here on the forum or live on Twitter hashtag #Utada.

It seems that this was an interesting show. To start off, it seems security was a bit 'unpleasant', ex. a fan who came from Brazil being denied entry. Also noteable was during DJ Mike Rizzo's performance, a fan who got on stage with a mask and began dancing; as well, there was a noteable very 'excited' fan from the balcony, that sung loudly and dove to catch at kuma ball. It also seems that some of the crowd did not know about the 'encore' and left after 'Dirty Desire'.
Hikki talked about missing the cold weather and how Chicago is like New York. Before the concert, she went to the Art Institute museum. She wore a white and black dress, with a black-striped transparent shawl.
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