Official In The Flesh 2010 Concert Video Coming Soon!

Date 2010/10/15 10:39:49 | Topic: Utada News

Just announced on Hikki's twitter (@utadahikaru), she says that 'footage' from the USA+UK concert tour from January and February 2010 will be released soon:

In The Flesh Tour's footage will be released in some form, hopefully soon(as soon as some technicalities are cleared). We'll let you know!

I guess all the constant English tweets asking about an In The Flesh Concert DVD worked!

Afterwards, her dad, Teruzane (@u3music), Tweeted that the video is complete and had been edited, and they have been trying to get it available on iTunes, but have been having issues with the store. They may be looking for other methods of distribution as well.

We have been discussing w/ Apple i-Tunes to utilize the US/London 2010 tour video, by the way, it is already mixed/edited. teruzane

Apple is having technical problems. Need to find other options to release more timely ways via internet. Please be patient. teruzane

They promise to get it out before the end of 2010!
I promise to do this before the end of the year!! teruzane

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