Details on Yokohama "WILD LIFE" Concerts Announced!

Date 2010/10/20 1:26:12 | Topic: 宇多田ヒカル News

Hikki's Website was updated with full details on the 2-day Yokohama Arena concerts that were announced earlier.

-The concerts will be held December 8th & 9th, 2010 at Yokohama Arena.
-The concert series will be titled 'WILD LIFE'.
-Tickets are ¥6,000.
-Tickets are sold in a lottery fashion, similar to other Hikki Japanese concerts

For full details, see the concert site!:

Here are some more details in English.

Tickets are distributed in a lottery fashion. Those interested in tickets will enter the lottery system, and those that win the lottery will be allowed to buy tickets. This is done to counteract scalping and resale of tickets. Further, there may be identification checks with the tickets to make sure the name on the ticket matches the person.

Performances are 2010/12/8 (Wed) @19:00 and 2010/12/9 (Thu) @19:00

Here are the steps to purchasing a ticket:
- Apply to lottery
The Application Period for the lottery is from November 9th (Tue) 12:00pm to November 14th (Sun) 11:00pm [Japan time +9GMT].
One person can only purchase a maximum of 4 tickets.
After registration there will be an email with a four digit receipt number.
You can only cancel or modify your application during the application period and at
(note you cannot reapply after cancellation)

STEP 2 - Check lottery results
Lottery Results Period is from November 16th (Tue) 1:00pm to November 17th (Wed) 6:00pm [Japan time +9GMT].
Applicants will be emailed the results of the lottery. During the Results Period, applicants can also check their status here:
At this time, telephone number and four digit receipt number will be required.

STEP 3 - Pay
Payment deadline is November 18th (Thu) 9:00pm [Japan time +9GMT].
The following payment methods are possible: Credit Cards(Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, Saison Card, DC Card, UC Card), Payment during pickup at participating Japanese convenience stores (7Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Circle K, Sunkus), Pay-Easy debit, Internet banking (via Pay-Easy).
See here for more details on payment:

STEP 4 - Get your ticket
Tickets can be picked up or delivered.
Pick up would be at the participating Japanese convenience stores.
Shipping will cost ¥600 and be delivered in Yamato secure mail. Tickets will be delivered one to two weeks before the performance date.
More details on receiving your ticket:

Its important to note that I have not seen anywhere that says tickets may only be purchased from within Japan. Also, they support Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

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