Upcoming 宇多田ヒカル Documentary from NHK!

Date 2011/1/16 19:25:55 | Topic: 宇多田ヒカル News

NHK will be premiering a TV documentary about Hikki on January 15th, 2011.
The documentary will include new studio performances as well as footage from her WILD LIFE Yokohama concerts from December. Some of the songs include 'First Love', 'Goodbye Happiness', 'Show Me Love (Not A Dream)', and 'Prisoner of Love'.
The doc will also include a post-'WILD LIFE' interview with Hikaru and Chris Peppler (J-WAVE host).

The program will be called "Utada Hikaru ~Ima no Watashi~" (Hikaru Utada ~Myself right now~)

TV JAPAN(NHKコスモメディアアメリカ)
2月12日(土)東部時間 午後6:50~7:39

2月2日(水)英国(UK)時間 午後8:10~8:59
    ※ヨーロッパ中央時間 午後9:10~9:59

Overseas Broadcast:
-North America
TV Japan (NHK Cosmo Media America)
Saturday, February 12 Eastern Time 6:50pm-7:39pm

JSTV (NHK Cosmo Media Europe)
Wednesday, February 2 England (U.K.) time 8:10pm-8:59pm
*European Central Time 9:10pm-9:59pm

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