FIFTEEN YEARS ALREADY!? 15th Anniversary 'First Love' Special Edition Rerelease

Date 2013/12/9 2:58:17 | Topic: 宇多田ヒカル News

December 9th, 2013 marks the 15th year anniversary of Hikaru Utada's debut! To commemorate this occasion, two 15th Anniversary package sets are being released.

The "First Love -15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition-" will be a limited run set with only 5000 copies made. Looks like they are upping that to 15,000 after it sold out so quickly!

It will include 4 discs:
-Platinum 'First Love' album CD (2014 remastered edition, on platinum disc),
-LUV LIVE concert DVD,
-'First Love' Karaoke CD (instrumentals of all FL tracks, except 'Interlude'),
-and a BONUS CD with previously unreleased material;
This edition will also include a hard-cover book with unreleased photos & scans of hand-written lyrics, promotional items, and replica LUV LIVE ticket and backstage pass.
It is being sold for 15,000円

The "First Love -15th Anniversary Edition-" (non-deluxe) will include 2 discs:
-'First Love' album CD (2014 remastered edition, regular cd - not platinum disc)
-LUV LIVE concert DVD
It is being sold for 4,000円

Now its important to note that the LUV LIVE concert, was her first live concert performance, and the video of which has never been released (I have heard audio from it, but have never seen any video footage).
Also, really excited to hear that Bonus CD with unreleased tracks.

Both editions are being released March 10, 2014, preorders are available now.

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