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"Rising Star: UTADA"
"You don't have to be Moby to use machines," says singer-songwriter Utada.

By: Zena Burns
Teen People Magazine - October, 2004

Imagine watching your mother bop around the house to Dr. Dre's gangsta-rap classic 'The Chronic'. Well, one girl's embarassing nightmare is another girl's muse. "My mom is really funky!" insists singer Utada, crediting her mom's moves as an inspiration. Utada - who grew up in New York City and Tokyo - has been putting out pop albums in Japan since age 16. Now 21 and a megastar overseas, she's ready to give our market a shot with her English-language (and U.S) debut, 'Exodus'. The diverse disc swings from cheery tunes (check out first single "Easy Breezy") to slick, gotta-dance grooves like "Wonder 'Bout," one of three tracks produced by Timbaland. Utada got behind the board for several of her own tracks too. "You dont have to be Moby to use machines," she says. "There aren't enough girls who [produce]." The sound she and Tim crafted is fresh and different, just like Utada's attitude... not to mention her celebrity crush: Conan O'Brien. "I really think highly of humor," she says, "and he doesnt make insensitive jokes about things like Britney busting her knee." So Utada's totally talented, thinks it's more important to be funny than fabulous and isnt a hater? This girl is, as her mom would probably call her, the bomb!

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