"Distance" Facts

Did You Know?

-All songs were written by Utada Hikaru. She made this album when she was 18.

-The song, DISTANCE, was slowed down and made into another song called FINAL DISTANCE in memory of a Hikki fan who was shot in her school.

-If you listen to the first part of TAIMU RIMIITO (Time Limit), you can hear, "Darkchild" which is the signature producer Rodney Jerkins who's worked with R&B artists like Tony Braxton.

-The song Kotoba ni Narenai Kimochi's melody was originally "Interlude" on the First Love Album. Interlude was remade into this full length song.

-The "ri" on the song name, Hayatochiri was removed and added was the "Re" part of "Remix." Therefore you get "HAYATOCHI-REMIX".
(Very cute!)

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