UH Live Streaming 20Dai wa Ikeike!: English Translation

UH LIVE STREAMING 20dai wa ikeike!

January 19, 2003, the artist's 20th birthday

Tobisha Emi Studios, 2:15 P.M., Hikaru Utada steps out of a van...
Security greets the 20 year old artist good morning. An odd saying for the afternoon. Utada enters the studios with her group.
The first bars of the Hikaru's live version of the song, "COLORS", is playing as background music as various scenes are shown to prepare for the upcoming presentation.

UH LIVE STREAMING 20dai ha ikeike! - 18:45 START!
. . .
2:25 P.M.
Man: Morning. We can start anytime. Please don't forget the ear-piece.
Another man introduces Hikaru.
Man (2): This is Utada Hikaru.
Man: Oh, I'm sorry. Let's see...
Utada: Hello.
Man: This is Utada Hikaru. Good luck today.
The staff bows and claps.
Man: The chatrooms have already opened, and there are currently lots of people online.
We are shown into the computer room, with the chatroom on the screens.
Man (3): This is the chatroom..You can look at this screen.
Hikaru is shown a laptop.
Man: This is the live website. Fans have logged in and started to chat on their own.
Utada: Wow, we're going to start soon.
She rehearses.
Hi, everyone..this kind of opening?
Man: Yeah, that will be fine. After that you can say whatever you like.
Utada: Should I say, "We'll be going into commercials"?
Television screens show Hikaru typing. She is laughing. The instrumental of COLORS commences.
Utada: Alright!
3:26 P.M. Hikaru is warming up.
Teruzane skingg Utada (Hikaru's father): We'll just have to say, "3..2..1..Camera" and that will be fine.
Teruzane is observing his daughter through television screens and his laptop, while the rest of the staff mixes with Hikaru's current rehearsal.
Teruzane: There will be non-broadband users, and they'll be confused. So we need a way for the non-broadband users to view it clearly. But we can't let the video and audio synchronization differ so much.
Some of the staff are in discussion.
Man: What's the main priority..audio or video?
Teruzane: Can't we let the fans choose?
They laugh.
Man: That can't be done. We need to decide first. It can't be done here. But they need to choose broadband or non-broadband.
Hikaru continues her rehearsal. She puts her hands to her face in confusion.
Utada: What should I do with it? I just have to skip the first four lines?
The rehearsal is on the TV screen.
Utada: Is this where I begin my song?
Man: If we do it this way, the music will be different.
Teruzane: It's okay if the opening begins with your voice.
Hikaru is singing, but stops.
Man: What happened?
Utada: The tempo is fine right?
Man: And the volume of the piano is good.
Utada: How about we use the more relaxing 'A' tempo today?
Pianist: But 'A' is a bit too fast.
Utada: That's because it was slow just now.
Pianist: Yeah, that will be fine then.
Man: The feel of it is nice now.
Teruzane: And the piano was good.
5:20 P.M.
Man: Don't we look like television production assistants?
They laugh.
Pianist: Yeah we do.
Utada: Just now when I was doing my vocal warm-up..Kawano-san said, "You don't look like someone who's going to sing!" I took a look and he was right about that.
Man: Please keep the spirit up.
Utada: We'd like to make the show look like '24 hour live'.
Hikaru is playing on the piano. She tries singing with it.
Man: My voice is..
Girl: It's hard to hear.
Man: Hard to hear?
Girl: Oh, I can hear you. It's getting better.
Man: So it's getting better now, right?
He looks at Hikaru. She pauses.
Man: I'm sorry. Sorry..Sorry..I was too engrossed in it.
Man (4): I think the last shot didn't broadcast. We need to pay more attention to the telephone conversation.
One points at a member and asks. Hikaru's song "Simple And Clean" plays.
Man: Is there any problem with you work?
Man (5): Do you mean the satellite TV? Everything is okay. We should be able to handle the TB1.
You solved the problem?
Man (5): Yes, it's solved.
The staff is relaxing.
Teruzane: No one in the crew here has experience in live broadcasting.
Pianist: Come to think of it, that's true.
Teruzane: Previous projects had scenes we could refilm if necessary.
The staff is watching the chatrooms.
Various people: It's so fast!
* This should be fixed before the official start of the show.
* Okay, good job.
Hikaru is giggling while singing.
Man: Your being filmed now. Please don't fool around.
Utada: I just noticed it too, but I let it out anyway. Anytime I fool around, I'm caught.
Staff is observing the computers. Hikaru would have to enter the studio in four minutes.
Utada: Can I type in the channel now?
Man: You can.
Utada: Really? It's fine? You guys are kind of doubting my typing ability..
Man: Sorry..
Hikaru is looking at the chatrooms. With red glasses.
Utada: Someone wrote "Hikki" in there.
Remaining time: 1:30 seconds.
6:43 P.M. Two minutes remain. A minute passes. One minute left..Twenty seconds left..Hikaru is putting on her ear-phones..Fifteen seconds left..a glimpse of Hikaru's husband, Kiriya Kazuaki, ten seconds..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..Start.
Hikaru is fastening her ear-piece; she is nervous, but smiling.
Utada: Good afternoon, everyone. I don't feel the show has officially started. What should I do?
She laughs as she puts a hand to her mouth.
Utada: I'm Utada Hikaru.
She scratches her head.
Utada: What should I say in the opening? I do have a rundown here. And..if we have some background music, it'll be good.
Background music of "traveling" begins.
Utada: What should I do? Right, it's started. 'Turning 20, Go Go!' Next..there's a chatroom where up to 8,000 people and log in. Everyone can use this channel to watch me live. And the show will be like a talkshow. Perhaps there are a lot of people sitting in front of their computers. Alone watching this program. And I'm in a quiet room right now, without any reaction. I'm trying to get used to it. Of course I'm also in the chatroom now. Actually I typed a lot in the channel just now. And there are lots of superb gifts in this program for all of you to win. So please pay attention to the commercials. I feel strange..what should I do? I'm in a recording studio now. And it's a nice feeling, like I'm at home. That's because this is a place that I'm familiar with. But the staff and I have never done this before. Without any reaction from the audience, even now everyone is nervous. Busy running around. I've never seen the staff in such chaos before. I've discovered a new side of my staff.
She laughs, along with some of the staff laughing.
Utada: Although, I was very nervous just now. Now I'm feeling more relaxed. That's because this is my own channel! When we should go to the commercials, and when we should go to each program..everything was planned beforehand. But i think I should do the show with my own feeling.
She looks at the laptop in front of her.
Utada: You guys have typed lots of stuff in the chatroom. Okay, I should explain to you all..I planned to say this at the opening of the show. First, even though you guys can interact with me, if it were possible for everyone to have microphones on their computers, that'd be best. Then I could listen to you voices, but right now that's impossible. Only a certain amount of people are allowed in the chatroom. Actually now the chatroom is full of activity. Give your feedback though the channel, and I'll reply to your questions. That will be the whole process. But the sentences I type will be seen by the chatroom members only. So I'll say it out loud before I type it. Basically I'll answer the chatroom's questions and reply to your dialogs. And talk out loud at the same time as typing. And..
She looks again.
Utada: Oh, there's a message. Ah..yes yes yes. What should I do? Should I answer the question corner? Not yet? Yes, it's about time. When I ask you guys for questions, on the right side of the screen there's a question button.
Points to the right side of the screen.
Utada: When you click on it, a box will pop up with a 25 word limit. So you should use about that many words, but it should be okay to exceed a bit. Ask me questions. And from those I'll select a question to reply to. It's about time now to post your questions. Question time..best regards.
She begins typing on the computer to our left, and her right.
Utada: It's out.
Background music for "Letters" begins. Hikaru sings the first chords. She turns to one staff member.
Utada: Any problem? Now we'll have a concert!
Hikaru points to her computer. Her head turns to her left, our right. She seems to have found an inappropriate message.
Utada: Is this alright? We can select ignore for that message, right?
Her direction moves to the computer to her left, our right.
Utada: There's a question! What is it? "Please teach me the correct method of voice practice."
Hikaru catches her ear-piece.
Utada: My ear-piece was about to fall off. I don't have a special method. I always try to use my abdominal area. The organ is like a saxophone. Imagine the intestine and the throat is a pipe. Exert the force from below.
She looks at her left computer again, but moves back.
Utada: Oh yeah..sorry, my eyes are bad and need to wear glasses.
She puts on her red glasses.
Utada: People have asked me, "Why don't you wear contacts?" Regretfully, I just don't wear them. Sorry. Which question should I reply to?
She reads, but quickly comes to her senses that she is silent.
Utada: Oh, I shouldn't be silent. I was too engrossed in it. Which should I answer? "After becoming an adult, has anything changed?" Today? Oh, sorry. It's my birthday. But I don't have the birthday feeling at all. Yesterday I was rehearsing for this program..recently, I've been busy with this..recently..how I should say this..Ah..it's not really an answer so I'll continue on. Question! "Did Hikki design her own sweater? It's cute!" I'm happy you guys noticed it. This is for 'Turning 20, Go Go!' This sweater..actually I had prepared another costume today. But when I came here yesterday, I saw the sweaters being laid out on the table. They passed one to me and I thought it was cute. and when I came into the room, about 30-40 staff members were wearing them. An idea came into my mind, to wear it too and make the show like '24-hour live'. It has a feeling of unity to it. I think everyone except of the camera-man is wearing it. Ah, why aren't you wearing it? You are wearing it? Excellent. Can we have a shot of everyone? Can we? Let's have a shot of the camera-crew then. Excellent, excellent.
Camera-crew is shown.
Utada: That's right, everyone is wearing it. I myself feel like this is like 'Using love to save the earth!' Just like the '24-hour live' feel. Are we receiving lots of fanmail now?
She looks at her left computer.
Utada: Ah, we have lots of questions coming in. "Please tell us how you feel wearing a furisode." (furisode - a kimono with long sleeves.) A picture of me wearing a furisode was published on my homepage. My feeling then was that there's a huge difference between Western and Japanese culture. In the past I've noticed, for example, the different directions characters are written. One is horizontal, while the other is vertical. In Japanese you say 'white and black' and in English 'black and white'. And the location of the steering wheel is completely different. I've always wondered why it has to differ so much, and the same goes with clothes. For example, when I saw Gone With the Wind, there was a scene how a Western dress was worn..They emphasize the lifting of the breasts and tightening of the waistline. And the dress billows out at the hips. If it were a kimono, it'd be completely different. You'd need to wear a breast-binding, sleeve-less inner garment. After that you'd wrap many layers above your stomach. Your stomach protrudes out and your breasts must be flattened. And the whole shape of your body is straight. Those Enka singers who are able to sing in a kimono are really amazing. (enka - a modern Japanese ballad)
While Hikaru once again looks to her left computer, background music for "Play Ball" begins.
Utada: The time isn't a problem? Okay. Have you guys been able to see me from the beginning until now?
Her gaze moves to the computer in front of her.
Utada: Anyway, if anything were to happen..I have a reliable guy over here.
Her hand gestures to her left, our right.
Utada: He's my last support, so I'm not worried. Do we have time for more questions? We have questions. "What do you plan to do now that you're 20 years old?" I've always said this in the past, even though most people around don't understand..I've always wanted to go to Yoshinoya. This won't infringe on the commercial agreement? Okay, okay. I've wanted to enter Yoshinoya to take a look. Of course, it's not because I wasn't allowed to enter..a teenage girl entering the place alone..How should I put it..there's no real excuse for it. Other people might think, "What is that little girl doing in here?" So now that I'm 20 years old..I'll disguise myself as a student, go there and order the cheapest food and rice wine. That's one I wanted to do. Another is to go in the afternoon to a soba noodle shop together with a couple of my girlfriends. Drinking Japanese wine and eating soba noodles as my lunch. I've always wanted to do that. That's about it. You recommend..ah. "Recently, any interesting hobbies?" What I just said was confusing. Is it alright? If the people in the chatroom want me to speak in more detail, please type that in the chatroom. "A recently recommended comic?" This morning, I was reading manga in the bath. I'd found that one at a convenience store and was surprised. It's a Burusai Rose manga collection book. It's the last book of a four book series. At the last part, everyone..no matter what page you flip to, everyone is dying. It was a very dramatic last episode and I was crying in the bath. Then I thought, "I have a show today! If I cry too much, my eyes will be swollen. That won't be good." This is how I spent my morning. Let's answer another question. "Did anything interesting happen while shooting the new music video?" (COLORS) Yeah..lots of people were asking me about this, so I noticed something. In the different shots I was wearing red clothes and black clothes. Right? My friend saw that and asked, "Hikaru, why do you look so tired?" I found it strange. It was like..when I was wearing black in the video, I looked tired. But when I was wearing red, I looked fine. I was wondering how the lighting could have such a drastic effect. Actually the video was shot in two days. The first day I was wearing the red dress. Maybe it's becuase we were shooting it overnight. Perhaps, it was the first day of shooting that wore me out. So that's why I looked tired the second day. How pitiful. So if I were to shoot for ten days, the very last day the shot would be there with me all tired. Now everyone will think I'll be exhausted on the second day. Oh. It's about time for a commercial. The words on the screen are really big. Next are the commercials. Please.
A commercial playing "COLORS" starts playing.
Man: It's okay.
A couple of minutes has passed by, and Hikaru is typing in the chatroom. 20 seconds to go. One staff member points his finger along the screen where people are conversing in the chatroom.
Man: It's okay, we'll continue like this. 15 seconds left. It's okay. No problem. Hikaru-San you can carry on, it's okay.
7..6..5 seconds left..4..3......camera pans to Hikaru. She realizes it is focusing on her.
Utada: I was a little surprised. Everything is going smoothly. I typed a little bit just now. I think we'll continue on as we just were. Oh, someone wrote that I'm doing alright. That's good. Because I can't get any response and don't have a screen to look at. If the studio had an audience I could get some reaction, but now I have no idea what the response is. I was just asking in the chatroom how the show is going and people said, "No problem." Good. It's exhausting. Oh, I see. Instead of looking at me, if you could only see the things I'm looking at right now. It'd be more interesting. Everyone is so anxious. You guys are wearing this, right? This is cute clothing. 20 or 30 people, all wearing the same clothing. It's so cute. Just like a fairy tale. But the tense atmosphere in the air is scary.
Hikaru is alerted.
Utada: Oh, incoming call? Or right. This program is shown at some of the shops. I completely forgot about that. That's not right. Now we're going to speak to the people at the shop where our program is being shown.
Hikaru clears her throat. A voice is heard.
Voice: Hello?
Utada: Hello?
Voice: I'm Hanatake of Doshii EMI.
Utada: Hanatake-san, thanks for your cooperation.
Hanatake: Same to you.
Utada: I'll do my best.
Hanatake: Can you hear the noise in the background?
Utada: Everyone's excited? Yeah..I can hear it.
Hanatake: Right now I'm at the Tower Records in Shibuya.
Utada: Shibuya? How nice.
Hanatake: But first, listen to this, please. Ready..Go. HIKKI! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Utada: Wonderful.
Hanatake: Did you hear it?
Utada: Thanks, I heard it.
Cheers from Hanatake's telephone arise.
Hanatake: Shibuya is drizzly now.
Utada: Ah, rain.
Hanatake: But there are lots of people here.
Utada: You can see me right?
Hanatake: We're using a 100-inch screen over here.
Utada: 100-inch? Does that mean my face has become really big? Is this alright? There isn't any strange stuff on my face?
Hanatake: Every one is saying that you are very cute.
Utada: Great.
Hikaru's voice echos through Hanatake's phone.
Utada: I can hear the echo of my voice.
Hanatake: Because of limited time, I'd like some of the people at the store talk to you.
Utada: Come on!
Hanatake: The first person, please tell us where you are from, and your message to Hikki.
Utada: He's strict..
Voice: Hello?
Utada: Hello.
Voice: I'm Usui from Tokyo.
Utada: Usui-san?
Usui: Yes.
Utada: It's like tele-conferencing.
Usui: I wish you a happy birthday.
Utada: Thank you very much.
Usui: We're both 20 years old and creators. I admire you a lot.
Utada: We're the same age.
Usui: Yes. Right now I'm designing shoes. In the future, I'll design a pair of shoes as a birthday present for you. Please wear them when the time comes.
Utada: You should say, "Actually I've brought my pair with me today." You should improve on that.
Usui: Regrets. Sorry, I should've thought of that.
Utada: I'll be expecting it.
Usui: Thank you.
Hanatake: Next will be a lady. Please.
A female voice is on the phone.
Voice: Hello.
Utada: Hello.
Voice: Good afternoon.
Utada: Good afternoon.
Voice: I'm Nakayama Kazumo from Kawazaki.
Utada: Ah, Kazumo?
Voice: Yes, Kazumo.
Utada: Is that your real name? It's really cute.
Kazumo: It's written with the kanji for ichi (one) and haha (mother), and the pronunciation is Kazumo.
Utada: Ichi haha? Interesting!
Kazumo: Happy Birthday.
Utada: Thank you.
Kazumo: I heard that there will be a performance later. I'm looking forward to that. Please present us with some nice songs.
Utada: I will.
Kazumo: Good luck.
Utada: Thanks.
Hanatake: I have one more representative at the store. Here's Takaitabe-San, Assistant Manager of Tower Records in Shibuya. He's always been a great help to us.
Hikaru thinks..
Utada: I think he's helped me as well..
Hanatake: Please, Tabe-San.
Tabe: Hi.
Utada: Hello.
Tabe: Happy Birthday.
Utada: Thank you very much.
Tabe: I heard that when you were still in school, you'd hang around our store a lot.
Utada: Yes. I'd pass by Shibuya on my way to my former high school. It seemed like I was at the store every day. Were you the chief of the store three years ago?
Tabe: Yes.
Utada: Perhaps I've asked you, "Do you have this CD?"
Tabe: Actually I have said hello to you once before.
Utada: I can't see you here so this is really hard.
Tabe: The screen over here is really big.
Utada: Nooo..
Tabe: From now on, we at Shibuya Tower Records will make Utada Hikaru as our number one priority.
Utada: Is it a good idea to say that? The whole world is watching this.
Tabe: We will treat this shop as an Utada Hikaru specialties shop. Please come and visit us. You can treat it as your own store.
Utada: I understand. Next time I'll walk in proudly.
Tabe: By all means.
Utada: And I just happened to say that out on a big screen. Noo..
Tabe: Thank you very much. Everyone here is excited. Please keep up the good work.
Utada: Yes.
Tabe: Keep up the good work.
Hikaru waves and says good-bye.
Utada: I spent a lot of time at that record store. One time I did a live satellite broadcast program. We borrowed the whole store from them. I was very happy at the time, and I bought lots of music albums. I was the only one at the counter paying for my stuff. Since I need to sing later, I can't talk too excitedly. Sorry about that. But I will try to maintain this feeling. The main part of the show is singing. After all, I am a singer. Now, I'm asking more questions. Come on!! Should we decide the type of questions? What should we talk about? I won't specify what the topic is. Anything will do.
Hikaru starts typing on her right computer.
Utada: Yeah, I believe not every one has the ability to watch me type in front of the computer. While I'm typing, if you're not in the chatroom, please look at the other side of Utada.
The camera shows Hikaru's hands while typing. She is singing along with the "DISTANCE" background music.
Utada: I'll try not to be too serious and treat it like I'm just working in my room like normal. There are questions. "What is my mobile phone's ring tone?" If I'd known I would have brought my phone, but I left it downstairs. My incoming ring is a 'Retro Computer' ringtone.
Hikaru starts making techy and robotic sounds.
Utada: Just like that..A very noisy ringtone. The message ring is just like a vending machine's 'Please buy another can' sound.
Hikaru continues to make sounds.
Utada: Those who use the same ringtone will understand. People around me don't usually have the same ringtone. When the phone rings, it scares people because it's so loud. Let's look at the next question. "Please tell us the songs you choose for karaoke." I haven't been to those places lately, but two years ago my friends and I used to go a lot. We'd sing that Morning Musume song..I forgot the title. Maybe I've forgotton the lyrics too. We sang songs like 'Love Machine' when we went to the hotsprings. I do have a favorite karaoke song..That Vanessa Williams song.
Hikaru sings a small portion of it, imitating the original background music.
Utada: The background music is too noisy! It's that ballad.
She starts sing a sample of the beginning verses.
Utada: That's the beginning of the song. If I don't make use of the chance to warm up my voice, I'll be in trouble later..I'm thinking of doing my vocal warm-up now. Everything should be in order. Actually we have lots of time..We don't have to rush. I'm talking non-stop. If I speak too much it will affect my singing later.
Hikaru takes a sip of water. She becomes surprised.
Utada: There's a hole in my straw. It's leaking out! We'll change that later. Happening, happening! That was an accident!
Hikaru looks at the center computer.
Utada: Everyone is really typing a lot. Oh sorry. The chatroom is too interesting. "You want to do a duet with me?" That's impossible. Let's look at more questions..Which should I choose? Perhaps this person saw me typing just now. "Hikaru's typing is fast! ^_^" That's not a question!
She laughs a bit stupidly.
Utada: This is the question corner. Sorry. It'd be best to post questions there. There are lots of questions coming in, but that's okay. That comment changed into a question.."Your typing is very fast. When did you start using a computer?" I'm pretty confident about my typing speed so I've just updated that into my profile. When I was in elementary school there was a class on fast typing. It was a strict school for girls in New York. First grade was how many years back..I was about five or six years old. So it was about 13 or 14 years ago. Back then, the computer screen had only black and green colors. And you needed to type in a command in order for it to work. Come to think of it now, it nostalgic. And there was this fast typing competition I saw people doing on TV. While watching that I thought, "Maybe someday I'll be able to do that to.." And if one day my albums can't sell, maybe I'll organize a tetris competition. Or if there's a fast typing competition, I'll join in. If not, I'll be a secretary.
Hikaru checks the clocks on her computers.
Utada: And the time? About time for a commercial. Please.
A commercial playing "Simple and Clean" begins.
Teruzane: You won't know how it feels unless you really do it.
Hikaru warms up. She then types on her right computer. 30 seconds remaining..15 seconds..10 seconds..6 5 4 3 2.
Utada: Hi..the program continues on. I almost said, "Utada Hikaru live on air with you all!" But this is no radio program. It's 'Turning 20, Go Go!' Oh, we're on the next page. I can't believe we're broadcasting now. It's unbelievable. Next..because lots of people can't access the chatroom, I will read some of the messages they posted. I need my glasses.
Hikaru dons her red glasses. She heads on to the computer to her farthest right computer.
Utada: Male, Unemployed, 23 years old. Message.."'Turning 20, Go Go!' That's all?"
Hikaru laughs.
Utada: That's too little? Um..we should look at the next message. Male, 26 years old. Topic: Swift marriage. Swift coming of age. A question. "Hikki, do you do housework at home? I heard you're good at cleaning, so it shouldn't be a problem. But it's hard to image Hikki cooking. Sorry. Next, a personal question. Please talk about your SWEET marriage lifestyle." SWEET? Actually it's not that sweet. Oh, I forgot. This is the first time I've used this type of scrolling mouse. You can use the wheel in the middle to scroll up and down on the screen. Maybe you guys are laughing because I'm very 'low-tech'. But I really think this is amazing. I love it. Let's leave that aside. Or else others will think, "That's how she's ending it?" The question wasn't answered yet. Back to that question. Oh yeah. Talking about what I do at home. Usually I'm watching the boxset of 'Project X' (A famous Japanese documentary series) I bought. We both watch an episode each day. I really love that show. The opening scene is a shot from the back of a group of white-collar men walking. And in the background is the sound of Nakashima Miyuki's voice.
Hikaru imitates in a nasal tone.
Utada: "The pegasus of the plains..the street corner of Venus." When I hear that, I'm moved. Suddenly the music fills with orchestrated strings.
Now she imitates a violin, playing the same melody.
Utada: Then the camera fades, and the camera zooms in on Konbochinko-San. I'm always moved at that moment, my heart frozen still. Sorry. I'm getting too excited. Everyone is probably staring blanky at the screen thinking, "What's so touching about that?" Sorry..but I hope someone has had the same experience. Phone? It's connected? Hello?
Voice: Hello? I'm Taiya, from Toch EMI's Osaka Branch.
Utada: Ah, Taiya-San. Hello. Ah. I'm Utada.
Taiya: How are you? Thanks for your hard work. Right now I'm at the HMV Abino store.
Utada: Oh. The Abino store.
Taiya: We have some fans here who want to talk to you.
Utada: Shall I talk to them or they talk to me? Which one?
Voice: Good evening.
Utada: Good evening.
Voice: Please do a concert here.
Utada: I don't know about that..that depends on you guys.
Voice: We're rooting for you.
Utada: Everyone make some noise. I can't hear any excitement from over there. I'm nervous.
Taiya: Yes. Can you hear the excitement coming from Osaka?
Utada: I can't hear a thing! You really are excited? How is everyone?!
Taiya: How is everyone feeling?
Utada: This strange silence is disturbing. What should I do? I don't know at all.
Taiya: Let's have Watanabe-San, of the HMV staff, talk to you.
Utada: Watanabe-San?
Watanabe: How are you? Thanks for your hard work. I'm Watanabe, of the HMV Abino store.
Utada: Hello. Um, please say something..
Watanabe: Just like the fan said..we wish that you would come to Osaka for a concert.
Utada: I'd like to go too. But for the time being, please enjoy the show on the screen. But I certainly will go in the future.
Watanabe: We'll count on you. Please don't forget to visit the HMV Abino store.
Utada: I will visit. Recently the economy has been bad so the movie sales are good, but record sales are down. I think that everyone is having a hard time. Together we'll do our best. Watanabe-San!
Taiya: Yes. That's about all from us in Osaka.
Utada: Huh? Where's Watanabe-San? This is amusing.
Taiya: Hikki, do your best please.
Utada: I will. Bye. That was amusing. Maybe I'm the only one who finds this funny. But spectators find that kind of choatic conversation amusing. I'm really nervous. We should have time left for questions, right? I never thought that this would go smoothly. I don't need to worry. Then I should answer more questions with the remaining time. Questions. Come on. There are really a lot of questions coming in. This is amazing. Technology has really improved a lot. We can even do this? But everyone look at this picture. This looks like the chair of a company president, made of all leather. And there are four computers in front of me. Doesn't it look like I'm a successful career woman? What do you think? But that's a little different from a girl turning 20..There's a question
Hikaru looks to the computer at her left.
Utada: "What did you do during the commercials?" In the commercial..either i was resting, or chatting in the channel. But one minute is so short. I can feel it right now. "Please type again in the chatroom." I'll type a little right now.
Hikaru moves to her right computer.
Utada: Just now a staff member told me that I smile while typing. Is that true? "I don't know what I should write???" I wonder how I look on screen.
Her red glasses are put on again.
Utada: "I'm so embarassed that I have to wear glasses. You guys can all see me, but I can't see you. That's kind of unfair." I typed a lot. Let's look at the questions now. "Are you okay after the experience of a ghost pressing (Lying unconcious in bed, but strangely unable to move)?" Yeah. I was really scared at the time. I experience that three days in a row. I thought I was done for. But I haven't experienced that since then. The first time I wrote about this incident was about a week ago. Someone told me if you don't experience it before 20 years old, you won't experience it in your lifetime. But I experienced it a few days before my 20th birthday. Which means I might have a similar experience in the future. That's upsetting. What should I answer next..Oh yeah. Someone wants me to encourage students currently paying for their exams. Yesterday and today are the academic exams. Someone expressed that they couldn't watch today's program due to exams. That's why we rescheduled the program to air at night. I think those who have finished their exams these past few days might be to tired to watch television. But there are students who want to relax and watch our program after exams. Good work on your exams! When I was in school..getting into a university had nothing to do with the academic tests. Although there was similar stuff, like the SAT. Thinking back to that time gives me the shudders. People say the more you experience in life, the more beautiful memories you have later. But even now, thinking back to it..they weren't good experiences. That time was very tiring for me. Even thinking about it exhausts me. But many important things happened in my life after that. I think of it as the end of the growing up part of my life. So that is how it is. Otsukaresama. I hear there are lots of tests coming up. Everyone do your best. Just a little bit more left.
Hikaru now moves to her left computer.
Utada: "Do you know how to make beef rice?" Beef rice..I've never tried making it before. I probably don't know how to do it. If you have a craving for it, just go to Yoshinoya and order it. Why am I always advertising for them? "Do you drive?" I don't. Actually I didn't even go for the driving test. How should I put it..lots of my friends told me, "Hikaru, I don't think you should drive!" Maybe I look dangerous. The time is almost up and it's getting closer to singing time. That means the show has been going for 45 minutes. It's fast. I'm impressed with those who do a live show every day. I think our crew's lifespan has been shortened a few years from this show. What should I answer? Someone asked me if I keep track of my weight. I show say that I'm very careful about maintaining my weight now. So that's why I've been doing more stamina excercises and a lot of training. And sufficient sleep is a must. I had insomnia when I was in my third year of high school. But I've been cured recently, and I sleep well if I'm tired. From here on, I'll be getting busier each day. I have lots of TV interviews this month and next month. I was choosing my costume just now, finding some beautiful spring clothes. Please look forward to it. The time is almost up. Oh yeah, I have one thing to tell you. In the next commercial..we have a big present to give, so check it out. I have no idea what I just said. My mind is thinking about the singing now. So time for the commercial. Please.
The musical group tunes. The strings are playing randomly. Hikaru is warming up, and sings the refrain from COLORS. The piano accompanies her. Hikaru then puts on her headphones. She then tries improvising, along with hitting the high tones. The group is happy, but nervous. The instrumentalists begin tuning with an "A". 30 seconds remaining..Hikaru says that her heart is beating fast. 5 seconds remaining. 4, 3, 2.."Not yet, not yet," Hikaru interrupts.
Utada: Finally the time to sing has come. Although it feels strange without an audience. Let's Begin.
Miraa ga utsushidasu maboroshi wo ki ni shinagara
itsu no ma ni ka sokudo ageteru no sa

Doko e ittemo ii to iwareru to
hanpa na ganbou ni wa hyoushiki mo zenbu haiiro da

Kono yurameki koyoi no yume wo egaku
anata no fudesaki kawaite imasen ka

Aoi sora ga mienu nara aoi kasa hirogete
ii ja nai ka kyanbasu wa kimi no mono
shiroi hata wa akirameta toki ni dake kazasu no
ima wa makka ni sasou tougyuushi no you ni

Karaa mo iroaseru keikoutou no moto
shirokuro no chesuboodo no ue de kimi ni deatta

Bokura wa hitotoki mayoinagara yorisotte
arekara hitotsuki oboete imasu ka

Orenji iro no yuuhi wo tonari de miteru dake de
yokatta noni na kuchi wa wazawai no moto
kuroi fuku wa shisha ni inoru toki ni dake kiru no
wazato makka ni nokoshita Ruujuu no ato

Mou jibun ni wa yume no nai e shika kakenai to iu nara
nuritsubushite yo kyanbasu wo nando demo
shiroi hata wa akirameta toki ni dake kazasu no
ima no watashi wa anata no shiranai iro

The piece ends.
Utada: Yay. I feel lonely here. This looks like a classical concert. I never thought that I would finish one song so fast. After this I have two more songs. It feels like it's going to end soon. I need to hurry up. Next..
Hikaru points to the camera.
Utada: This camera? I'm going to take a little break from my own songs. And sing Inoue Yousui-sans's Shounen Jidai. I turned twenty years old today..they asked me what song I wanted to sing. and even though I'm twenty years old now, I want to sing Shounen Jidai. It's hard to explain why. Let's start.
Natsu ga sugi kaze azami
Dare no akogare ni samayou
Aozora ni nokosareta
Watashi no kokoro wa natsumoyou

Yume ga same yoru no naka nagai fuyu ga
Mado wo tojite yobikaketa mama de
Yume wa tsumari
Omoide no atosaki

Natsu matsuri yoikagari
Mune no takanari ni awasete
Hachigatsu wa yume hanabi
Watashi no kokoro wa natsumoyou

Me ga samete yume no naka nagai kage ga
Yoru ni nobite hoshikuzu no sora e
Yume wa tsumari
Omoide no atosaki

Natsu ga sugi kaze azami
Dare no akogare ni samayou
Hachigatsu wa yume hanabi
Watashi no kokoro wa natsumoyou
Utada: That was Shounen Jidai. This next song will be the last. But first..there was an English version of 'hikari' called 'Simple and Clean'. I talked about that on the homepage. When I first translated the lyrics from Japanese to English, I didn't know what to do with the fast rhythm. So I changed it back to the first rhythm I used. It's the same rhythm that I used on my album. I'm singing this song for the first time ever live. What am I saying? The other songs I sang were for the first time also. Please listen to this Simple and Clean.
You're giving me too many things
Lately you're all I need
You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet your father?
When we are older you'll understand
What I meant when I said "No,
I don't think life is quite that simple"

* When you walk away
You don't hear me say please
Oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
It's hard to let it go

The daily things that keep us al busy
Are confusing me
That's when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you
But does that mean I have to walk on water?
When we are older you'll understand
It's enough when I say so
And maybe some things are that simple

repeat *

** Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

repeat *
repeat **
repeat **
After the piece ends, applause.
Utada: Although the time has flown by, it's going to end soon. But I can finally feel that it's my birthday. From the moment I woke up today until now, this is the moment that I feel the happiest. And now..I don't know what to say again. More work will be coming my way, though.
As the piano plays 'Happy Birthday', Hikaru is handed a buquet of flowers.
Utada: Thank you! What should I do? Singing on my birthday..or should I say..doing this concert with everyone together on my birthday..for me, it's my first time. Before this I would see people having a birthday party or a new year celebration on TV..and I'd wonder if people choose to work on these kinds of days. Don't they want to spend those days with their family and friends? I feel sad. But actually the feeling is not bad at all. If I continue with this, my nose will start to run. Thanks, everyone. 'Turning 20, Go Go!' has finished successfully. Thanks for your hardwork!
Hikaru takes a bow, and the studio version of "COLORS" starts. She puts one buquet down, and recieves another one. She is directed to her computer desk, and puts on her red glasses. She types on the computer to her right. The camera looks at her hands. Her fingernails are violet, and she is wearing her wedding ring. She looks to the center computer. "It's finished! I never imagined it'd be this impressive!
Utada: I couldn't talk to you a lot here, but thank you for writing so amny messages! Ahh I'm so happy! Great, great. It's so nice I can see your response immediately. I'll confess a secret to those joining in here..In spite of the show, there might be people thinking, "Isn't Hikki dressed plainly?" Gah! I made a mistake with the kanji. Forget it. Listen. My underwear is bright red! Please support me again this year. See you again. Bye bye!



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