Do you think Utada's SCV2 can become Oricon 2010's #1 yearly album?
Just what the fans are prescribing, or rather wistful thinking! It's is her last release before an interminable hiatus after all...
Ended at 2010/12/20 14:14
Of course! Its got grandiose commercial potential just like SCV1... 0 % (0)
'Best Of' albums always perform well, exspecially in recent years; She should be able to pull it off! 0 % (0)
She's got a mere five weeks to do it, but I'm confident in her ability to do this a fifth time! 100 % 100 % (1)
She's just gotta outsell Arashi, nobody should top Utada at her 'best' (pun intended)... 0 % (0)
I don't, it's a different industry, and Japan 0 % (0)
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