Which New UHSCV2 Songs Do You Like The Most?
Which New UHSCV2 Songs Do You Like The Most?
Ended at 2013/5/8 21:54
嵐の女神 (Arashi no Megami) 12 % 12 % (71)
Show Me Love (Not A Dream) 27 % 27 % (152)
Goodbye Happiness 39 % 39 % (216)
Hymne a l'amour ~Ai no Anthem~ 6 % 6 % (38)
Can't Wait 'Til Christmas 13 % 13 % (76)
Total Votes: 553 | Total Voters: 385

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Posted: 2010/11/25 20:20  Updated: 2010/11/25 20:20
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 Show Me Love (Not a Dream)
I love them all! But, I have to say that I like "Show me Love (Not a Dream)" the most! =)
Posted: 2010/12/9 11:36  Updated: 2010/12/9 11:36
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 Re: Show Me Love (Not a Dream)
Yeah show me love is ridiculously good. How on earth does she come up with the melodies and such? It's genius gosh dang it! But yeah great song. All of them are really good though no doubt about that.
Posted: 2010/12/9 22:31  Updated: 2010/12/9 22:31
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 Re: Show Me Love (Not a Dream)
They way she sings the line "It's all in my head" feels like some of her most powerful and honest melodies I've heard, at least to me.
I've read the rough translation, and it seems like it has to do with a lot of the things she's faced most recently, especially with her reasons for wanting to step away from the music industry and whatnot.
I know there's a lot more to the song, but that's a lot of what I get from it. It's got a lot of edge to it... excellent song =]
Posted: 2010/12/16 19:08  Updated: 2010/12/16 19:08
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Goodbye Happiness is officially in my top ten fave Hikki songs
Posted: 2011/10/9 7:20  Updated: 2011/10/9 7:20
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 Favorite song this moment
I really like "Arashi No Megami" It's a very beautiful song. The text has much meaning.
Posted: 2012/1/1 14:23  Updated: 2012/1/1 14:23
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 Can't Wait Till Christmas
I love every Hikki's song but my favourite one is Can't Wait Till Christmas x)
Posted: 2012/1/10 6:11  Updated: 2012/1/10 6:11
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I thought "Arashi no Megami" was leading initially. But Can't Wait till Christmas is great too!
(i want new songs )
Posted: 2012/1/10 6:34  Updated: 2012/1/10 6:34
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 Can't Wait till christmas!
can't wait till christmas!! it's cute, her voice is cute and the lyrics are soo meaningful. she just want to stay away from a city life and be at the peaceful snowy mountains with loved ones. <3