What are your favorite songs on the album "ULTRA BLUE"?
What are your favorite songs on the album "ULTRA BLUE"?
Ended at 2015/5/27 1:37
This Is Love 10 % 10 % (765)
Keep Tryin' 12 % 12 % (897)
BLUE 9 % 9 % (678)
日曜の朝 3 % 3 % (287)
Making Love 5 % 5 % (375)
誰かの願いが叶うころ 4 % 4 % (339)
COLORS 10 % 10 % (778)
One Night Magic feat. Yamada Masashi 4 % 4 % (304)
海路 2 % 2 % (203)
WINGS 5 % 5 % (364)
Be My Last 9 % 9 % (674)
Eclipse(Interlude) 1 % 1 % (137)
Passion 19 % 19 % (1407)
Total Votes: 7208 | Total Voters: 2713

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/5/25 18:23  Updated: 2007/5/25 18:23
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this whole cd is cool... all the songs are cool! HIkki is cool
Posted: 2007/5/25 22:07  Updated: 2007/5/25 22:07
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 Re: Awesome!!
Everyone seems to have gone with the singles...how boring.
Posted: 2007/5/31 11:20  Updated: 2007/5/31 11:20
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 Re: Awesome!!
I like the whole cd
Posted: 2007/6/5 21:12  Updated: 2007/6/5 21:12
Hikki Fanatic
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Man...Hikki's sooo great...she gets to produce songs that are out of this world...nyahaha^_^...Passion's nice no? How the synths are used, nyahaha...Cool
Posted: 2007/6/7 0:11  Updated: 2007/6/7 0:11
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 Can i vote all?
Um.... can i vote all? hehehe... cause i like all of them.. heheheh.. plsssss...... hehehhe
Posted: 2007/6/9 10:19  Updated: 2007/6/9 10:19
Addicted to Hikki
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 Re: Can i vote all?
i have to agree, this is whithout doubt her best album. If i really had to choose it would have to be 'Blue', with 'Passion' close second!
Posted: 2007/6/18 21:53  Updated: 2007/6/18 21:53
Hikki Obsessed
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People just voted for Passion because they've just play Kingdom Hearts II. They haven't actually listened to her songs.
Posted: 2007/6/23 5:42  Updated: 2007/6/23 5:42
 Re: Passion
yeah your so right, they should try listening to keep tryin'
Posted: 2007/6/23 8:34  Updated: 2007/6/23 8:34
 The next album
I wonder when her next album comes out? but when ever it does I'll be the first one to get it, believe it!
Posted: 2007/6/24 12:20  Updated: 2007/6/24 12:20
 Re: Passion...hmm...
did you say out of this world? no, out of this universe, she is the most coolest person I've ever seen, believe it!
Posted: 2007/6/24 12:23  Updated: 2007/6/24 12:23
 Re: Can i vote all?
sure knock yourself out, believe it!
Posted: 2007/6/24 12:29  Updated: 2007/6/24 12:29
 I just love posting a comment, believe it!
hmmmmmm,....... What happened to the administrator of this website?... oh yeah and who ever has a user name with forsaken on it, I encourage you to get an avatar. soooo many pictures of Hikaru Utada-san
Posted: 2007/9/11 4:07  Updated: 2007/9/11 4:07
 be my last
the only song that i dont like is be my last and i think this is her worst song that she has on the moment(if i dont count the album precious)
for the fans of the song i am truly sorry if i hurt your feelings but this is my opinion and well i dont mean to scold you so here my apologies and for the japanese people moo sjiewake ariemasen!
(dont have an japanese tekst in the computer so this is my solution)
Posted: 2007/10/14 8:18  Updated: 2007/10/14 8:18
UtadaNet Regular
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 oh my utada
wow im a big fan of utada hikaru i really love her songs so much like passion,keep tryin,hikari,can you keep a secret and more i really love that girl i want to meet her on personal she was so pretty for me she's like a goddess omg!!!! i think im in love oh my utada
Posted: 2007/10/16 19:54  Updated: 2007/10/16 19:54
Hikki Obsessed
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 Passion Favorite!
Passion is very great. I especially like hikki's version during his Utada United tour, with matching guitar solos in the end. Colors is also very good, comes in second.

Long Live Utada Hikaru!!
Posted: 2007/10/17 8:02  Updated: 2007/10/17 8:02
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 another word from me
heeheheh long live to utada!!!! i will always support that girl i really love how she sing her songs with beautiful voice & good performance she isso cool i really really really like her so much if you rate him 1 to 100 i will definitely vote 1000 for her heheheheheh
Posted: 2007/10/17 8:08  Updated: 2007/10/17 8:08
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 me again
utada utada utada keep making beautiful songs i will always support u
Posted: 2007/10/17 8:18  Updated: 2007/10/17 8:18
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 belive me or else what ?
hikari is simple and clean in english passion is also called santuary on english that is true belive me.........
Posted: 2007/10/17 8:25  Updated: 2007/10/17 8:25
UtadaNet Regular
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on utada's song kiss and cry has a great animation but do you know the tilte of that animation pls say it to me thanks......
Posted: 2007/10/23 9:09  Updated: 2007/10/23 9:09
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 utada hikaru
utada hikaru is no 1 for me beacuse her voice is outstanding no other singer can beat him .......
Posted: 2007/11/9 12:06  Updated: 2007/11/9 12:06
i like most of her songs but my favorite is "This is Love" and "Passion".
Posted: 2007/11/9 22:57  Updated: 2007/11/9 22:57
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my favorite song from this album is all of dem....hahah^^...but my most favorite is...nichiyou no asa, blue and keep tryin lol
Posted: 2007/11/11 2:45  Updated: 2007/11/11 2:45
Hikki Fanatic
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 I like...
I like all of them but my favorite one is BLUE it's been played 1,699 times on my itunes I just love it!
Posted: 2007/12/14 21:10  Updated: 2007/12/14 21:10
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i love all of them, so i vote all of it....
Posted: 2008/1/19 11:06  Updated: 2008/1/19 11:06
Hikki Fanatic
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All the songs are great.
Posted: 2008/1/30 13:42  Updated: 2008/1/30 13:42
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 All of the Songs
Ahah, it was hard to choose which song is the best, because all of them are awesome!!
Posted: 2008/3/14 17:50  Updated: 2008/3/14 17:50
 Re: All of the Songs
All her songs are great but Passion is the best!!!xD Well for me it is....
Posted: 2008/3/18 3:02  Updated: 2008/3/18 3:02
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 Re: All of the Songs
keep tryin passion be my last this is love
Posted: 2008/4/14 20:10  Updated: 2008/4/14 20:10
Insane Hikki Fan
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 Ultra blue
It's hard to vote wich song's my favorite...They're all awesome in their own way
Posted: 2008/5/1 15:04  Updated: 2008/5/1 15:04
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All of Hikki's cds are awesome!!!!!!!!! She is the best!!!!
Posted: 2008/5/22 11:20  Updated: 2008/5/22 11:20
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 Re: Awesome!!
well then, what do you prefer? What's your favorite?
Posted: 2008/5/22 11:22  Updated: 2008/5/22 11:22
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 Re: be my last
what is wrong with "be my last?" I didn't like it at first either because i thought that she was yelling too much. but i listened to it over and over and it grew on me...
why dont you like it?
Posted: 2008/6/19 7:54  Updated: 2008/6/19 7:54
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 Re: be my last
nichiyo no asa is my favorite
Posted: 2008/7/15 16:31  Updated: 2008/7/15 16:31
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 Favorite Ultra Blue Songs
The whole album is really good. But i have to say that This is Love, Making love, Be My Last, Colors, and Passion are my favorites. I was so addicted to those songs!
Posted: 2008/7/23 5:35  Updated: 2008/7/23 5:35
Insane Hikki Fan
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 Fave songs from ultra blue
I actually like all of them, but I always liked COLORS, dareka negai ga kanau koro, and this is love
Posted: 2008/12/18 13:47  Updated: 2008/12/18 13:47
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obliviously passion is in the lead

but the whole album is good
especially colors, nichiyou no asa, and be my last
keep tryin was a fav of mine also