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Posted by Q on 2004/10/2 17:28:20 (1457 reads)

Recently there have been several articles featuring Utada.

10/01 - "Popular female singer Utada to make U.S. debut" - Kyodo News

9/30 - "Utada is Japan's stealth pop star debuting over here" - Baltimore Sun

October - "Rising Star: UTADA" - Teen People Magazine

Also here are some other articles where Hikki is just briefly mentioned:

"Autumn's top 10 of TV deja vu" - Daily Yomuri Online
Who would have known? Without the Tunnels special last week, who would have ever known Hikaru Utada hates hamburgers and David Beckham pales at the sight of parsnips. What would we do without TV?

"S'pore touched me" - The Electric New Paper (Singapore)
SWEETIE-PIE actress Kyoko Fukada has a new fascination with gay bars in the Shinjuku Ni-chome area in Tokyo.

She has been spotted partying the night away in the bars, and sometimes even dragging along good friend Hikaru Utada to keep her company.

And apparently, Kyoko can drink like a sailor.

"Yikes! That's me?" - The Electric New Paper (Singapore)
Easy Breezy

IF this dazzling English single is any indication, Utada is set to soar in Hollywood - her next stop. This is the prelude to her debut English album, Exodus, slated for release next month and, boy, was I blown away. Easy Breezy is really a breezy tune, a little cheeky even.

Its infectious groove nudges you to bob your head along.

Utada is Japanese and deliriously proud of it, as she keeps repeating in her chorus: 'You're easy breezy and I'm Japanese.'

Spin it a few times in clubs and people are bound to remember 'that Japanese girl', even if they can't recall her name.

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