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Usually, fan covers aren't the type of thing we post on our Noteworthy News. But, in a Hiatus era, news is slow.

Recently, we were contacted by Paulo, the bassist from a Brazilian J-Music band called Animadness, telling us about their recently released rock covers of Hikki's "Simple & Clean" and "Hikari". We were blown away by these Rock versions of Hikki classics. Have a listen!:

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From: (jpn) (eng)

Japanese owners of the NintendoDS game "Nintendogs" will be able to goto a participating retailer and download the dog data for "Shin-chan": The Nintendog that was raised by Utada Hikaru. "Once the download is made, you'll be able to select to have Shin-chan come over and play with your dog."

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[1/19] Twenty-two years ago today, in Manhattan, New York... a star was born! Hikaru Utada was born on January 19th, 1983 and today we wish her a very happy birthday!

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The Japanese Nintendo DS website has updated their NDS Concept video with more footage of Utada playing more of the games offered on the NDS. ( click 'Whats DS' on the menu at the bottom of the flash site. 11/15)

If you didnt know, the Nintendo DS is now on sale in North America as of November 21st.

And also there is a new version of the Nintendo DS commercials that are playing on Japanese TV...

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Utada attends the 2004 Teen People’s Artists of the Year Party at The Key Club in West Hollywood, California.
(Read more for pictures)

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[Nov 09-04, New York] Utada attends the premiere of "After the Sunset" (starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek & Woody Harrelson) at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC.

"It's a popcorn movie," 21 year-old Japanese pop star Utada reported joyfully. "It totally succeeded." ...

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Recently there have been several articles featuring Utada.

10/01 - "Popular female singer Utada to make U.S. debut" - Kyodo News

9/30 - "Utada is Japan's stealth pop star debuting over here" - Baltimore Sun

October - "Rising Star: UTADA" - Teen People Magazine

Also here are some other articles where Hikki is just briefly mentioned:

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