General News : Amazing Rock Covers of Hikki by Animadness
Posted by Q on 2011/12/14 5:47:00 (3288 reads)

Usually, fan covers aren't the type of thing we post on our Noteworthy News. But, in a Hiatus era, news is slow.

Recently, we were contacted by Paulo, the bassist from a Brazilian J-Music band called Animadness, telling us about their recently released rock covers of Hikki's "Simple & Clean" and "Hikari". We were blown away by these Rock versions of Hikki classics. Have a listen!:

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Posted: 2011/12/15 1:10  Updated: 2011/12/15 1:30
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 Re: Amazing Rock Covers of Hikki by Animadness
Oh wow...this is pretty good stuff. I would love to be able to DL these covers. You don't get great covers like this easily...

GIGA approoves

[Edit] I just listened to the japanese version and geez.... If we had an emoticon for claping hands, I would post it. Because these two covers deserve some claps

My favorie part was when the song started....all the way to when it ended.

The vocalist also has a very nice voice which I seem to enjoy fully. Again, very good work.

*Giga rates this a 5/5*
Posted: 2011/12/15 15:53  Updated: 2011/12/15 15:53
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 Re: Amazing Rock Covers of Hikki by Animadness
Hello everyone! I hope you're doing just fine.

This is Paulo Wirth, from Animadness.

The band and I are very surprised to see our covers featured on the noteworthy news section. We are so grateful for this and all the support we are receiving.

Q, again, thank you so much.

GIGAcorrupt, just let you know, we have plans to make the mp3s available for download in the future. ^^

But now they will remain YouTube exclusives, so that everyone get to know our stuff more.

We recorded and rearranged this song with passion and we are happy that is appeasing Utada and Kingdom Hearts' fans.

Thanks again.

Take care and see you soon.

Paulo Wirth - Animadness
Posted: 2011/12/22 18:20  Updated: 2011/12/22 18:20
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 Re: Amazing Rock Covers of Hikki by Animadness
Wow, my ears just had orgasms!

These covers are fantastic, seriously! Whomever sung this is a great singer. I agree with GIGA - MP3s would be awesome!

I'd like to see other Utada covers - most definitely I'd like the see a rendition of Kremlin Dusk - that would be immense!
Again, great job to the guys, big kudos to you all!
Posted: 2012/6/11 16:31  Updated: 2012/6/11 16:31
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 Re: Amazing Rock Covers of Hikki by Animadness