Utada News : Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
Posted by Q on 2009/8/27 12:20:53 (1463 reads)

On July 17th, 2009, Utada had a 'Meet and Greet' session with contest winners of 102.7 Da Bomb radio station. This was a rescheduled event from May, when several of Utada's appearances in the U.S. were canceled due to illness. It is good to see that she is alive and well :)

The 'Utada Meet and Greet' was held at the Kahala Hotel near Waikiki.
You can view photos from 102.7FM Da Bomb here.
Or watch the full video interview from the videographer. The interview video is about an hour long and has some very insightful details about what she has been up to, thoughts on recent events, and Hikki herself.

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Posted: 2009/8/28 9:12  Updated: 2009/8/28 9:12
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 Re: Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
she definitely looks like she has put on weight.

ya! good to see her alive and well but even this is 1 month ago, so...hope she blog soon.
Posted: 2009/9/1 11:50  Updated: 2009/9/1 11:50
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 Re: Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
I love this interview. One of the best interviews yet! I would like to see what she's going to do next though. She's been out of the scene for awhile...
Posted: 2009/9/2 4:19  Updated: 2009/9/2 4:19
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 Re: Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
Agreed on all counts! It was neat to get more insight about her as a person.
Posted: 2009/9/3 4:41  Updated: 2009/9/3 4:41
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 Re: Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
Awesome interview, seriously one of the most comprehensive interview ever. I love the way she answers the part about being an idol, it's so true but sometimes me as a fan does tend to forget about it
Posted: 2009/9/4 20:17  Updated: 2009/9/4 20:17
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 Re: Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
i was able to watch it thru youtube (thanks CryptoMystic for posting!). its very enlightening to watch an interview of hikaru where the audience listens carefully and not just shouting and making unnecessary clamor(although its needed sometimes). some new questions here, some old questions there...watch it, its like 50 minutes long.
Posted: 2009/9/26 23:01  Updated: 2009/9/26 23:01
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 Re: Utada Hawaii Meet And Greet - July 2009
she was in Hawaii and I missed it... Crap