Utada News : UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Posted by Q on 2010/1/15 1:00:00 (6745 reads)

Utada will be kicking off her "In The Flesh" concert tour tonight (Jan. 15) in Honolulu, Hawaii! The Sold Out show will be at The Pipeline Cafe @8pm.

To everyone going to the show, Have Fun! ... and please let us know your experiences, the setlist, here on the forum or live on Twitter hashtag #Utada

From live reports on Twitter, it sounds like Honolulu was an awesome show! The concert opened with DJ Mike Rizzo warming up the crowd while people entered the venue. Utada sang a good mix of her English as well as Japanese songs.

WARNING SPOILER - For the concert SETLIST, click Read More:

Pics from the show

Concert Set List:
0.Opening (Also known as track #1 from Exodus)
1.On and on
2.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)
4.This One (Crying like a child)
5.Passion / Sanctuary (Japanese vs. English mix, sung back and forth)
6.Sakura Drops (A capella with piano)
7.Stay Gold (also with piano)
8.Devil Inside
9.Kremlin Dusk
10.You Make Me Want to Be a Man
11. The Bitter End - Placebo cover
12.Apple and Cinnamon
extra - Boku wa Kuma (A capella, by audience request)
13.Come Back To Me
14.First Love
15.Can You Keep A Secret?
17.Dirty Desire
18.Simple and Clean
19.Me Muero

You can listen to a clip of Apple and Cinnamon here

Great photos here from Honolulu Metromix

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Posted: 2010/1/15 8:44  Updated: 2010/1/15 8:44
 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Yay! It's starting tonight! Have fun everyone this is a once in a lifetime opportunityyyyy
Posted: 2010/1/15 10:43  Updated: 2010/1/15 10:43
UN Reporter
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Whoo! I'm so excited. I have butterflies
Posted: 2010/1/16 12:11  Updated: 2010/1/16 12:11
UtadaNet Newbie
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Concert Review from Blogger Jason Yadao in the Honolulu Star Bulletin

Posted: 2010/1/16 16:19  Updated: 2010/1/16 16:19
Addicted to Hikki
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
is good to see it is on the newspaper! at least their website!
Posted: 2010/1/17 22:45  Updated: 2010/1/17 22:45
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2010/1/17
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
I just went to this show!!!

Well worth the wait and was unbelievably packed. Luckily I was tall enough to see the stage from my position because I'm somewhat tall.
Posted: 2010/1/18 1:55  Updated: 2010/1/18 1:55
Hikki Obsessed
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Great tracklist. A very good mixture of Jap and Eng songs.
Posted: 2010/1/18 9:23  Updated: 2010/1/18 9:23
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Is it just me, or are there people taking in the background of that clip of Apple and Cinnamon? Just like all those people taking amoungst themselves when she was singing Kremlin Dusk at the showcase in NY a few years back. It could be just me. Does anybody else hear that?
Posted: 2010/1/18 12:04  Updated: 2010/1/18 12:04
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 Re: UTADA "In The Flesh" Today In Honolulu!
Have fun everyone, wish i could have made it but might have to wait for her next tour if she has one^^