Utada News : Utada possibly in the UK.
Posted by Polyrhythm on 2012/4/9 3:20:37 (6035 reads)

The following is a fan account of an encounter with Hikki, apparently during a train ride in London.


So today I met Japanese SUPERSTAR Utada Hikaru!

I was on my way to Belsize Park riding the Northern line when at either Angel or Kings Cross a small Japanese lady got on the tube a few feet away from me.

I looked at her and I thought to myself ?LOL she looks like Utada? and was laughing to myself-some Taiwanese dudes to the left of me started laughing at ME because they obviously thought I was crazy or something.

Anyway as the train becomes emptier (after Camden Town) I get a better view of the woman sitting down and thats when I?m like, ?Wait that could be Utada!? But then I was like nah, ?Why would she be in London?? plus she looks almost EXACTLY like she did on the ?Ultra Blue? cover with the same bob cut?

So I decided to gas myself up and played ?Sakura Drops? and imagined what I?d say to her if I met her.

Curiosity really got the better of me so I stood up when the tube was near Belsize (so I could get a better look) and when I looked directly at the woman I was damn near sure it was her.

So I went up to her and said ?Excuse me are you Utada Hikaru?? and she had her earphones on so she asked me to repeat what I said and when I did a bashful grin spread across her face and she said, ?Yes I am?.

Luckily there was an empty seat next to her so I sat down and shook her hand and started chatting with her. I showed her that I was listening to ?Sakura Drops? and she was very shocked at that.

I asked her why she was here and she said she was just visiting a friend and was a bit disappointed with how the weather changed-she?s been here for over a week so far and staying around the Camden area (I won?t say where exactly).

I told her how she was the first Japanese artist I ever heard (apart from Ryu Sakamoto) and she was like ?Wow Really??

She asked ME how I even found out about her and I explained that from loving Chinese music and being on forums (like JPM which I told her about a bit) that people talked about the ?First Love? cd and her song for Kingdom Hearts-LOL that part of the conversation made me laugh because there I was, listing Hikki?s discography to her as if she didn?t know her own music-I?m so lame.

I told her that I went to the show in Islington (if you never went you missed a great show!) and she thanked me for that and I asked her if she?s ever going to do another one. She said it?s all up in the air and that she was on a break (I told her how pressed everyone got when she did that and she laughed!). But she said that she?s currently working on a few projects that she couldn?t really talk about but new stuff is coming soon!

I did ask for a photo but she said she?s not really taking photos right now-and I could see that she felt bad for having to say that, but I was like ?No that?s fine, it?s just great to finally meet you!?

After her stop came up (YES I missed my stop just to keep talking to her LOL) we got off together and walked and talked till I realised I was going to be late for my meeting so I thanked her for the music and she said it was nice to meet me and shook my hand again and went off on her way!

She is TINY under 5 foot and she was wearing pink converse and animal print skinny jeans and she still rocks the short bowl cut from way back when!
She looks EXACTLY like the photos and she hasn?t aged at all.
All in all was a GREAT night! If you?re in London and you see a woman that looks like Hikki, don?t chance it, go up to her and say hi!

We can speculate that New Music is possibly in the works.

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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
Oh how I wish this is true. I really really wish I could meet her.
Posted: 2012/4/9 10:30  Updated: 2012/4/9 10:30
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
oh man, finally an update ! Awesome =). Thanks much.
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
For me it sounds fake, but I do think there's a chance for new music coming soon. Evangelion 3.0 will be aired this fall, so she might do at least another remix of Beaytiful World, or, which would be awesome, completely new single. Great opportunity to make a comeback. Still, we don't know who will make an ending to that film. Let's just wait & see...
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
I think it's best to remove this, as it's in fact fake.
There are a few reasons why:
The line "But she said that she?s currently working on a few projects that she couldn?t really talk about but new stuff is coming soon!"
Utada's break is in its second year, and although she said her break could be at least 2 years, I believe she'll be gone longer than that.
Plus, even if she WAS coming back this year, why would she tell some random fan instead of publicizing it to the masses?
It just seems like a random person's bid to get some attention. I'm sure Utada isn't in London, I'm pretty sure she's in Tokyo, probably with her boyfriend.
Oh, and I'm VERY sceptical that Utada wouldn't allow a fan to take a picture with her! Utada relishes in doing everything for her fans - she even added a bloody extra DATE to her In The Flesh 2010 tour for London! I'm sure a single picture isn't too much to ask, is it?!
Also, if she's just "working on stuff", that's not a project. Utada stated herself she'd continue to dabble in music-making during her hiatus - that isn't new news, this fan is just clearly attracting and seeking attention. It's a load of BS.
Basically, this girl is saying "Utada's working on projects and nothing's gonna come out until her hiatus ends" which is obvious as the Sun rising in a morning. This fan is just pandering attention for more Tumblr reblogs etc.
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
i her Awesome!
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
Fake or not (ok, I know, definetily fake), since it's already posted, let it stay. At least it's good to know that forum is still alive, despite of Utada being on hiatus for almost 1,5 year (and I don't even wanna mention cpmplete lack of news concerning possible comeback. I don't count this one as the news, it's too unreliable. But still, let it stay). Man, time flies a way too quickly, I still remember waiting for Sngle Collection vol. 2 to be released.
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
Ok in the opposite direction the Northern Line From Edgware to Morden .....via Charing X


Now Lily where did that small Japanese lady sit?...

I know in-between Lady Gaga and Rihanna, Katy Perry was driving, Beyonce was moonlighting checking the tickets, Adele was humming chasing pavements whilst Jennifer Lopez was pushing the beverage trolley and Madonna was serving the tea ......Next Thursday Brad Pitt will be shining shoes outside Kings Cross with George Clooney...........
Posted: 2012/4/16 21:28  Updated: 2012/4/16 21:28
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
Is it sad that I sort of don't care even if this was fake? :-/ The news on her has been non-existent. It would be nice if she'd post pics, blog, or tweet more often...

I listen to her music almost everyday, and I still don't tire of it after all these years. While I'd love more music, another small U.S. concert would be awesome. My day in LA was simply perfect.
Posted: 2012/4/19 8:10  Updated: 2012/4/19 8:10
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
Juz be patient dude, maybe she's up to something?
I kinda understand her reason for a hiatus tho.
How would you feel if you do your career for 15 years without rest?
I actually admire her cuz she's finding her purpose in life and raising herself to a next level.

Just to know her more,I sometimes read through her translated blog, as early as 2007. She is so NOISY ! LOL

I wish she'd visited Asia tho.
Posted: 2012/4/19 9:02  Updated: 2012/4/19 9:02
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
That is soooo amazing I wish one day she would come back to the U.S.A peferbly Memphis I want to meet her some day lol I'm going to go to the UK
Posted: 2012/4/24 17:03  Updated: 2012/4/24 17:04
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
This does seem interesting. I wish I could go travel the world, not to really see Utada, but actually get an opportunity to get away. I guess I will once I finish college I guess.
Posted: 2012/4/29 17:17  Updated: 2012/4/29 17:17
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
this is true...I saw her in north london recently!!
Posted: 2012/5/4 21:38  Updated: 2012/5/4 21:38
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 Re: Utada is in the UK.
Way...u r lucky . I hope I could meet her too.
She is a friendly and nice girl :)
Posted: 2012/6/16 8:23  Updated: 2012/6/16 8:24
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 Re: Utada possibly in the UK.
That's very cool Utada Hikaru is in UK, I really want meet her but i leave too far away
anyway i been listening to her songs everyday hope that she will come to us one day to sing again, because i think kingdom hearts is losing ideal of a song that Utada Hikaru made, without her songs is not the same?
Posted: 2012/9/9 2:56  Updated: 2012/9/9 2:56
 Re: Utada possibly in the UK.
I wish she'd visited Asia tho.