Utada News : Hikki Living Life in London?
Posted by Q on 2013/3/15 3:06:36 (11709 reads)

Ann posted on her tumblr about her run-in with Hikki on March 12th, 2013 on the Victoria Line of the London Underground (in of course London, UK).

The picture looks real, read more about her encounter after the jump.
Credit to gardenhose


From annchirisu's tumblr:

◤ London 12th March 2013 - Utada on the Underground ◢

Today I met the legendary Japanese popstar, Utada Hikaru on the Victoria Line on the London Underground! <3
I decided to wait and take the short route and exchange at Highbury and Islington for the Victoria Line. The Victoria line had already arrived and thought, ?Ah, should I bother running for the train?? I slowly walked down the steps and dashed for the train just before the doors closed.

It was quite packed on the train and before I sat down, I noticed a pretty Asian woman who looked familiar. As I sat down, the woman and I exchanged brief looks. I thought it was my friend at first, then I realised it was? Utada Hikaru!

I was shocked! I looked at her and thought, ?Wait, her nose looks different from this angle, It can?t be her.? LOL

I looked around to see if anybody else noticed her but these passengers definitely didn?t look like people who knew.

For two tube stops, (from Highbury & Islington to Euston) I was confused whether it was her or not.

I sneakily took a couple of pictures. (I saw Hikki-san quickly glimpse at my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Mameshiba phone case!) to look back on my phone to examine her without making it obvious that I?d be staring at her for ages.

It was definitely her. I felt myself go starry-eyed and my heart was pounding. My favourite Japanese singer, on the same carriage as me, sitting opposite me looking all cute and being the natural beauty that she is!

I wanted to speak to her but it would?ve been awkward because there were no free seats next to her. It would have also been rude to stand in front of her, hovering over her to speak and weird to crouch on the floor.

Anyway, I was arriving at my stop and I plucked up the courage to at least say ?hi?

I gently touched her arm, she looked up..

Me: Utada? Utada Hikaru?

*She took out her earphones*

Me: Hikki-san?

*Utada smiles*

Me: It?s so nice to meet you! :?D *shakes hand!

Utada: Oh~! (Her voice is so recognisable) :D Nice to meet you too~!

Me: I have to get off now but it was really nice seeing you :D

Utada: Haha *smiles*

I wish I could?ve stayed on longer to talk to her but I didn?t want to r
un late! I was happy to at least say that to her and shake her hand. ^_^

When I got off at Warren Street station, I jumped onto the Northern Line and sat down, right opposite Jon. We were both shocked for a good 2 seconds to bump into each other like that. I didn?t even hug or kiss him or say hi!

I just blurted out: ?JON, I just saw Utada Hikaru!? xD

All these actions today were such good timing and gut feelings! What a perfect day~

Can't believe I saw Utada Hikaru on the Victoria Line! I'm so starstruck. I was so shy to approach her but I plucked up the courage ..

Me: Utada? Utada Hikaru? Utada *looks up surprised and takes out earphones* Me: Hikki-San? *shakes hand* it's so nice to meet you! T.T Utada: oh! :D nice to meet you too! Me: I have to get off now but really it was nice seeing you! Utada: haha *smiles*

It was so awkward coz I had no idea what to say and I'm still starstruck!!! I wish I took a pic with her instead of OF her but it would've made her feel awkward with everyone watching.

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