Utada News : Utada.jp update; Washington Blade & Buffalo News reviews of "EXODUS"
Posted by Q on 2004/10/29 7:23:07 (1232 reads)

www.Utada.jp has been updated with links to some American media articles (ones that we have all seen before from MTV to The NY Post; all accessable in the UtadaNet Special Sections)

Also some reviews from
Washington Blade(near the end) and
Buffalo News

Washington Blade:

IN THE MEANTIME, a lesser-known young artist named Utada has unleashed some sophisticated pop with an electronic edge of her own.

Already a huge star in Japan, Utada has three multi-platinum selling albums. She is looking to make a name for herself here with “Exodus,” her first album produced in the United States.

Like Duran Duran, Utada’s music is heavy on electronica. When the intro of the album first comes on, you might think you are listening to Sarah Brightman.

Utada offers a dramatic soprano in the same school of Kate Bush. Except with Utada, there are a lot of references to Japan and life in the Far East.

The musical climate she creates is sweeping and other-worldly. The songs on the track sound like something you would expect to hear at a Cirque du Soleil production. With proper stage sets, back-up dancers and special effects, Utada could have one of those nouveau Vegas stage productions on her hands.
And she sings well, too.

Watch out, Celine.

-Andy Zeffer

Buffalo News

HOT JAPANESE POP STAR: Utada Hikaru is a 21-year-old good girl who makes electronic pop and eschews the pop tart image.
- Elizabeth Barr

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