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The news on Hikki's Toshiba-EMI website has been updated again. This time it says that Hikki attended the opening day of a kabuki play called "NINAGAWA Twelfth Night" and that she wrote a review / account of it and it is being featured on the play website. The play is being held at the Kabuki-Za Theater in Ginza Tokyo.


From: http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/hikki/news/index_j.htm




['05/07/11] "My Review of Seeing a Play on the Opening Day" was contributed.

"My Review of Seeing a Play on the Opening Day" which is about the play 'NINAGAWA Twelfth Night' is being published on the July Performances at Kabuki-Za Theate homepage.

The homepage of 'NINAGAWA Twelfth Night' is here.

Hikki's Review:
From: http://www.shochiku.co.jp/play/kabukiza/0507/kangekiki.html











July Performances at Kabuki-Za Theater
'My Review of Seeing a Play on the Opening Day'
Utada Hikaru

[rest is translation from http://excite.co.jp/world/english/ ]
Who says that this is a fate (provide)?Though the fate lent own power if it becomes it.

The first in Kabukiza experience of me who has cried in this woman's dialog. It projected onto my mind in a stage impressive the installation of the mirror, it seemed to be returned, and to have throbbed.

The kabuki seen in the past : only for 20 minutes on the way of part "Moutanimura" of Shinbashi Enbujou Hil at the New Year to which a New York performance of Nacamuraza that had been generated publicity and friend's associate Mr. Kiccore Onoue were performing.
It retires on the way because of the worst in spite of asked for the ticket from me hangover. No Longer Human. It was a self-dislike and a falling awful failure.

By telephone..apologize..rather..worry about..Mr...gentle..mother..manly.'Twelfth Night' has strangely consented to him seeing the appearance to perform a complex three key officials named the woman who performs a man and the woman and a man as fit.

However, the character that has been liked is Ofehime that performs the warehouse at Nakamura of there are changes most. It transformed to the woman who assumed alive living of it that was not able to be without sympathizing as soon as having fallen in love though it was thought that it was a flat post like the doll first. After all, is love the strongest ignition device that changes human race's common language and person?

It is a wall of a position of patriciate that thinks that it is not possible to sympathize that seems to be tight in a modern Japanese. The person is inventing a new class one after another now when looking around one after 'NINAGAWA Twelfth Night' is seen. It is neat like Sereb or the winner or the underdog, etc.It will take time by can say that the truth that reflects in the mirror is one.

Cembalos of the West musical instruments might be inserted and ..proceeding.. person to Kabukiza who is be taken into the universal world before one is aware completely while thinking ..interest.. expecting something a modern twist of 'Twelfth Night' of Yukio Ninagawa who handled the kabuki for the first time.

The one like existence of intention felt in peculiar set change where I slip most in vital point and dim lighting in Mr./Ms. Ninagawa's production while slowly breathing sets and go and the god's existence, etc.The one that all changes do not change either is quiet, violent, and is sacred. And, it is possible to laugh occasionally.

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"NINAGAWA Twelfth Night" play website
Utada Hikaru's review / account of the play featured on the play site
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