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Go Canada! haha

The ShopEMI Canada Music Store is releasing the latest two Japanese album of Hikki's...

Expected Release: July 11, 2006

Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 1
Expected Release: July 11, 2006

This is awesome news! Please support Hikki by buying a copy of each even if you already have them! It will show EMI that their risk in selling domestic for the first time was not in vain and hopefully continue releasing future singles/albums and also her past material!

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Release Date: 09.27.2006

COLORS and Making of
Dareka no negai ga kanau koro and Making of
Be My Last and Making of
Passion Video
Keep Tryin' and Making of

First Press Features:
Be My Last & Passion Internet live footage!


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Sorry for the absence guys!

Well ULTRA BLUE has now been released! Order your copy now if you haven't already! Let me tell you, it is definitely worth it's price!

Stage Rehearsal in Sendai, Japan for launch of Utada United

Utada prepares for the launch of her nationwide tour in Sendai, Japan! The tour starts on July 1 and will run until September 10th in Tokyo.

From: Sanspo & Yomiuri

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Ultra Blue
2006.6.14 On Sale

3,059yen(tax in)

Tracklist --

01. This Is Love
02. Keep Tryin'
03. BLUE
04. 日曜の朝 (nichiyou no asa or 'Sunday Morning')
05. Making Love
06. 誰かの願いが叶うころ (dareka no negai ga kanau koro or 'When Someone's Wish Comes True')
08. One Night Magic feat. Yamada Masashi
09. 海路 (kairo or 'Sea Route')
11. Be My Last
12. Eclipse(Interlude)
13. Passion

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On March 29th Hikki posted on her message site, where she stated she was going to try to post daily for ten days straight!

Check out the Japanese translations from Nuuk

March 29 - wrapping up work on her new album; decided she will try to post daily for 10 days
March 30 - completed a photoshoot for the new album; when she was bored on set, she was making a game of tetris out paper cut outs of a piece of red paper... XD
March 31 - did another photoshoot; corrects herself that today was the album photoshoot and yesterday was "'A-Sha.' Artist Photos. Which are to be used for magazines, press releases, websites and whatnot"; mentions Hanami; reading PLUTO vol.3
April 1 - mentions April Fools; posts a picture
April 2 - apologizes for the fact that yesterday's picture isnt viewable to those reading from the mobile version of the U3music site
April 3 - talks about the April 1st batting cages photo - talks about her experience at the batting cages
April 4 - talks about how she can finally speak about her new album and upcoming tour
April 6 - apologizes for posting her message just 18 minutes late for April 5
April 6 part I - shows off a black lacey garment for her hand. includes picture
April 6 part II - shows off the same black lacey garment, saying it fits better on her foot. includes picture
April 7 - realizes warm milk tastes so good

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So here are the Hikki WEBSITE updates


[2006/04/04]Utada Hikaru Releases New Album!

Ultra Blue
2006.6.14 release
3,059yen(tax in)

13 tracks including the singles "COLORS", "Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro", "Be My Last", "Passion" and "Keep Tryin'".

Now for the concert news XD
[2006/04/04]Special Webpage Launched for Nationwide Tour of 2006!!!


so the tour is called UTADA UNITED 2006

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We've been informed via Hikki Website email updates that info for her upcoming Japanese Album and Japan Nationwide tour will be announced at Midnight TONIGHT, Japan time...(8:00AM PST, 11AM EST)

Can't wait!

New album title: Ultra Blue
To be released on June 14th 2006
13 Tracks

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Hikaru posted a new message on her U3music site after a long period of not posting, in fact the first one of 2006! She talks about how its been a long time since shes written anything and that she has been busy stuck in rooms and studios working on her music. She then tells us about an interesting story about one of her walks to a convienence store. Check out Nuuks translations for the full details.

Something else very interesting that she mentions is that she is currently working on a new album!

Posted by seraphim on 2006/2/23 11:16:22 (3304 reads)

[2006/02/24]Utada Hikaru's Nationwide Tour Announced!

1st nationwide tour in 6 years (2nd time in her career) coming up in Summer 2006!
Details to be announced on special webpage in March.

Toshiba EMI Official Hikki News Page

Also at:

Meaning that she will be performing both her Japanese songs AND EXODUS tracks!

UPDATE: has been updated with the following:

.Japan Tour confirmed!

A nationwide tour in Japan is set for Summer 2006. Details to be announced in March.

Stay Tuned!

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From the official website of Matt Rohde, Hikki's Keyboardist, there will be a Japan Hikki concert tour this summer! Also, Matt has worked on the songs "Passion" and "Keep Tryin'"

From's News page:

February 8th, 2006

... I've also been working on some interesting recording projects; a song I worked on with Japanese pop star Hikaru Utada called "Keep Tryin'" has just entered radio rotation in Japan and will be available for sale on Feb. 22nd. Another Utada song I worked on, "Passion", will be released in an English version as the theme song to the Disney/Squaresoft video game "Kingdom Hearts 2". I've also been asked to work as Musical Director for Hikaru's upcoming Japan tour this summer. ...

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Officially posted from Toshiba EMI!

「Keep Tryin'」

2006.2.22 On Sale
TOCT-5005 \1,100(tax-in)

---Track List---
1.Keep Tryin'
3.Keep Tryin' [Original Karaoke]

Hikki's website news updated
[2006/01/23]"Keep Tryin'" O.A情報!

1月30日(月)~New Single "Keep Tryin'" (楽曲)ラジオ・有線にてO.Aスタート!

"Keep Tryin'" will begin radio play on January 30th!!!

According to this page
The "Keep Tryin'" Video will be out Feburary 15th!!!

The Keep Tryin' Blog
The Blog

UPDATE: Hikaru's Blog post

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Happy 23rd Birthday to Hikaru!

Hikki's birthday is January 19th

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An English-language version of "Passion", entitled "Sanctuary", will accompany the international release of the video game Kingdom Hearts II.

Her forthcoming Japanese single, "Keep Tryin'", is set for release on February 22, 2006.

She is currently working on recording her next album.

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UtadaNet has just under gone some system upgrades, most of which is barely noticeable, but the most notable update is that of the Forums. If you check it out, it should be much different from before and with more features. However, I am not done yet, so more customizations of the site and forums to come...

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