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Happy 34th birthday to Hikaru! Best wishes from UtadaNet! お誕生日おめでとう!

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The latest Hikki's song to be released from her upcoming album Fantôme, is "二時間だけのバカンス" ("Nijikan Dake No Vakansu" or "A Two Hour Vacation").

It's a catchy upbeat song that comes with a very cool sci-fi video!
Check out the preview of the music video!

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According to Hikki's website, the lead single, Michi ("Road") will begin Japan radio airplay today and be released digitally on Friday, 09/16/2016, through iTunes Japan. According to Hikki, this is a danceable track that conveys that she is doing okay!

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Utada Hikaru's sixth original Japanese studio album, Fantôme, is set to be released on Wednesday, September 28, 2016! The track listing has been released as well as information on several upcoming TV interviews and live performances in Japan!

Track Listing

1. Michi ("Road")
2. Ore No Kanojo ("My Girlfriend")
3. Hanataba Wo Kimini ("A Bouquet of Flowers for You")
4. Nijikan Dake No Vacance ("A Two Hour Vacation")
5. Ningyo ("Mermaid")
6. Tomodachi ("Friend")
7. Manatsu no Tooriame ("Midsummer Showers")
8. Kouya No Ookami ("Wolf in the Wilderness")
9. Boukyaku ("Forgotten")
10. Jinsei Saikou No Hi ("The Best Day of My Life")
11. Sakura Nagashi ("Flowing Cherry Blossoms")

Hikki has also graced us again in a PV for "Hanataba wo Kimini."

Also, according to Terazune, the album will be available on the US iTunes music store on the same day it is released!

You can pre-order the album through the following websites:


We apologize for the delay in updating the site and want to assure you all that we are still here and anxiously waiting to press "play" with the new album!

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According to, Hikki will be providing the theme song for the new NHK drama series, とと姉ちゃん (Toto Nee-chan), which starts April 4th, 2016! The series is an NHK Serial TV Novel, or Asadora (meaning "morning drama").
In a tweet, she said she was just finishing up the last line of lyrics!

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Happy 33rd Birthday to Hikki today!!!

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Today Hikaru Utada announced on her message site, the birth of a baby boy! (And indirectly, that she was pregnant!) We will await further details, such as the name as Hikaru and Francesco's new bunde of Joy.

Further, she also announced that she has been recording over her pregnancy and we can expect a new album!

Travel, Husband, Baby ... sounds like Hikki has definitely more experience in "human activities"!

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Hikaru Utada and Francesco Calianno were united in marriage on May 23rd, 2014 in Italy!

They were wed at the same place as Francesco's parents, a cathedral in Polignano a Mare, in the Province of Bari. Onlookers and paparazzi were kept away by bodyguards with Japanese parasols. Guests were also asked to not to take any pictures or leak any news. The bride arrived in a Mercedes van. The ceremony was officiated by Don Gaetano Luca (pastor).

After the ceremony, a reception was held at a country estate, la masseria Sant’Angelo de Grecis, in Francesco's home town of Fasano. A structure dating back to the 11th and 12th century.

On Hikki's WEBSITE, she posted a quick picture and a short message in three languages:

Hey, I got married!
Thank you, to everyone.


Sono sposata!!!!
Grazie a tutti.

The couple had officially announced their engagement back in February. They had met at the Bulgari Hotel in London where Francesco was a bartender.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Hikki has just announced on her website that she will be getting re-married. She didn't reveal much, but has said that the man is of Italian roots.







[UPDATE 2/10]:
Hikki and her fiance, Francesco, have posted messages in Japanese, English, and Italian regarding their engagement:

[2014/02/10] A message to my fans in Italy, and members of the Italian press (and other curious people)

Due to the unexpected intensity of media attention in Italy regarding our upcoming marriage, please allow my fiancé and I to express some of our feelings in our own words.

A message to my fans in Italy, and members of the Italian press (and other curious people)

I never thought that the news of my marriage with an Italian guy "normale" would be met with so much excitement in Italy.

To me, my fiance is just "my man" and for him I am just "his woman." Many journalists have been asking how we met. The truth is quite boring---we met through a mutual friend. He is younger than me but in some ways more mature. I was drawn to his courage and his values regarding family, friends, work, life, love---and when I met his family, I saw where it all comes from.

I am touched and excited by the warm reception of so many people in Italy… but I must implore you to respect the privacy of my fiance and his family. Being the target of public attention can be very stressful and scary, and it would sadden me greatly to see my new family under duress or in danger because of me.

I heard rumors about some fans possibly organizing a bus tour to the location of our wedding. I have always been grateful for the support of my fans who remain loyal to me, and it is truly amazing to feel the excitement you share with me, and so it pains me to have to say this, but please understand that a wedding is not a show. I hope we can meet one day under more appropriate circumstances.

We would like to share our wedding photos with you all. I hope this will help to alleviate any potential chaos on the day of the wedding.

Thank you.

Hikaru Utada


Hello Everybody!

As you probably already know, I am Hikaru’s fiancé and I work as a bartender in a London hotel.

It’s a decent job that gives me a decent life, just like anybody else. I come from a modest family background: honest folk, loved and respected by the people in my home town and who taught me what honesty, love, sacrifice and work all mean. They never let me want for anything and above all, showed me how to face life with optimism and courage.

I guess it must seem strange to think that a suburban guy like me, doing a normal job, gets together with a superstar like Hikaru. Indeed, when it all started, even I found it difficult to believe.

Well our roads crossed and as time went by we got to know each other and found that we had loads of things in common, among which, and most relevant, our deep and reciprocal love.
To be honest, when I left my beloved home town in Puglia in an attempt to create a future in London, I never imagined that I would be where I am today, but if the Lord has made this decision, so be it. I trust in Him.

I introduce myself to you, fans and press, with these few words, and especially to all Italians, the people I am so proud of, and I ask you all to offer support and respect to the lady who is to be my future wife, also to Mr. Teruzane who will become my second dad and, last but not least, to my family.

Thank you all for your understanding.

With my very best wishes


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Did you know Hikki regularly DJed a radio program back 1998?
"HIKKI'S SWEET AND SOUR" was her radio program that began in October 1998 and will be replayed to commemorate the 15th anniversary of her debut!

Here is the broadcast schedule:

At 13:00 ~ 14:00 Japan time on InterFM every Saturday

2/1 1st '98 10/04 10/11 episode
2/8 2nd '98 11/08, 11/15 episode
2/15 3rd '98 11/22, 11/29 episode
2/22 4th '98 12/13, 12/27 episode
3/1 5th '98 1/03, 1/17 episode
3/8 6th '98 1/24, 1/31 episode
3/15 7th '98 2/07, 2/28 episode
3/22 8th '98 3/07, 3/14 episode
3/29 9th '98 3/21, 3/28 episode

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Happy Birthday to Hikki!
She turns 31 today!
While the past year has been a difficult year, 2014 marks 15 years since her amazing debut and 15 years of an amazing career.
From the fans, Hikki, we wish you nothing but the best and happiness!

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December 9th, 2013 marks the 15th year anniversary of Hikaru Utada's debut! To commemorate this occasion, two 15th Anniversary package sets are being released.

The "First Love -15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition-" will be a limited run set with only 5000 copies made. Looks like they are upping that to 15,000 after it sold out so quickly!

It will include 4 discs:
-Platinum 'First Love' album CD (2014 remastered edition, on platinum disc),
-LUV LIVE concert DVD,
-'First Love' Karaoke CD (instrumentals of all FL tracks, except 'Interlude'),
-and a BONUS CD with previously unreleased material;
This edition will also include a hard-cover book with unreleased photos & scans of hand-written lyrics, promotional items, and replica LUV LIVE ticket and backstage pass.
It is being sold for 15,000円

The "First Love -15th Anniversary Edition-" (non-deluxe) will include 2 discs:
-'First Love' album CD (2014 remastered edition, regular cd - not platinum disc)
-LUV LIVE concert DVD
It is being sold for 4,000円

Now its important to note that the LUV LIVE concert, was her first live concert performance, and the video of which has never been released (I have heard audio from it, but have never seen any video footage).
Also, really excited to hear that Bonus CD with unreleased tracks.

Both editions are being released March 10, 2014, preorders are available now.

For more information, see:

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According to the InterFM KUMA POWER HOUR page on Tuesday September 17, there will be no 『KUMA POWER HOUR with Utada Hikaru』radio show.

The content for September 17 will be a memorial program for Fuji Keiko by DJ Kyoichi Tsuzuki from Roadside Radio.

KUMA POWER HOUR with Utada Hikaru will be back on October 15

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Keiko Fuji, also known as Junko Utada, has died today. She was Hikaru's mother, as well as a singer herself in the 1970s.

From all the fans, our sincere condolences to Hikaru and the Utada family.

>> Japan Times

On Monday the 26th, Hikaru and Teruzane posted statements on Hikki's Website in the messages section.

The following is a translation of Hikaru's message by 'a_kikoo':

"On the morning of August 22nd, my mother took her own life.

There have been many speculations going around, so please let me talk about a few things.

For a long time, she had been suffering from a mental illness. With that disposition, it was very difficult to get her to receive treatment on her own will. I was always troubled about what to do as her family, and what would be the best for her.

Since I was little, I've watched the progression of my mother's illness. As her symptoms got worse, her distrust for people including family continued to grow, she became uncertain between reality and fantasy, and lost control over her own emotions and actions. I was just tossed around by it and wasn't able to do anything.

I wish that my mother has been released from her longtime suffering. At the same time, I am too sad and my sense of regret only grows.

She was misunderstood a lot... she was a coward but had a strong spirit, she was filled with a sense of justice, she loved to laugh, was quick in thinking, impulsive and dangerous like a child, careless that you couldn't leave her alone, and more lovely than anyone else. Even though I have many sad memories, she is laughing when I think about her.

I feel proud that I am my mother's daughter. I am very thankful that I was able to meet her.

I've received many heart-warming words and realized that I am supported by many people. Thank you very much."

August 26, 2013
Hikaru Utada

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Just a reminder that Hikki is still around. She is doing her in thing in bilingual, every third Tuesday of the month on her radio show, KUMA POWER HOUR!
We can hear Hikki chat about her topic du jour, and play for us some of her favorite music, as she DJs her very own program on InterFM 76.1 in Japan.

image via

Again, her show is every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 22:00 Japan time.
In the day or hours before the show, check our forums or twitter to find out how you can listen.

Next episode is Tuesday September 17th

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