Posted by Q on 2010/10/20 1:26:12 (1680 reads)

Hikki's Website was updated with full details on the 2-day Yokohama Arena concerts that were announced earlier.

-The concerts will be held December 8th & 9th, 2010 at Yokohama Arena.
-The concert series will be titled 'WILD LIFE'.
-Tickets are ¥6,000.
-Tickets are sold in a lottery fashion, similar to other Hikki Japanese concerts

For full details, see the concert site!:

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Posted by Q on 2010/10/15 10:39:49 (1769 reads)

Just announced on Hikki's twitter (@utadahikaru), she says that 'footage' from the USA+UK concert tour from January and February 2010 will be released soon:


In The Flesh Tour's footage will be released in some form, hopefully soon(as soon as some technicalities are cleared). We'll let you know!

I guess all the constant English tweets asking about an In The Flesh Concert DVD worked!

Afterwards, her dad, Teruzane (@u3music), Tweeted that the video is complete and had been edited, and they have been trying to get it available on iTunes, but have been having issues with the store. They may be looking for other methods of distribution as well.

We have been discussing w/ Apple i-Tunes to utilize the US/London 2010 tour video, by the way, it is already mixed/edited. teruzane

Apple is having technical problems. Need to find other options to release more timely ways via internet. Please be patient. teruzane

They promise to get it out before the end of 2010!
I promise to do this before the end of the year!! teruzane

Posted by seraphim on 2010/10/8 10:39:58 (2767 reads)

The full digital release of Utada's "Hymne a l?amour ~Ai no Anthem~" is now available on iTunes Japan.

The track length is 6:33 and is selling for ?200.

Get it on iTunes Japan now!

Posted by Q on 2010/10/3 18:45:22 (4617 reads)

First posted by @hikki_staff on twitter, Hikki's WEBSITE has announced the track listing for "Singles Colelction Vol.2" two disc album, including the names of the 5 new songs:

■Disc 1
01. Prisoner Of Love
02. Stay Gold
04. Kiss & Cry
05. Beautiful World
06. Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-
07. ぼくはくま
08. This Is Love
09. Keep Tryin'
10. Passion
11. Be My Last
12. 誰かの願いが叶うころ
13. Beautiful World -PLANiTb Acoustica Mix-

■Disc 2
01. 嵐の女神 (Arashi no Megami)
02. Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
03. Goodbye Happiness
04. Hymne a l'amour ~Ai no Anthem~
05. Can't Wait 'Til Christmas

It is interesting to point out, that the fabled "Show Me Love" track is here, which was first discovered back in November 2009.

The first-run limited edition version will have 3 fold booklet, a kuma charm designed by Hikki, and a chance for 1000 fans to win tickets to the concert in Yokohama!

Also, the cover art has been revealed! This will be the first time an Hikki album cover will not have an image of her face ...

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Posted by Q on 2010/9/30 11:08:01 (1312 reads)

Just posted on Hikki's twitter, the upcoming album "Singles Collection Vol.2" will be a TWO DISC SET! The first disc will be a 'best of' compilation of singles released since "Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro". "Disc 2" will hold five new songs!

Posted by Q on 2010/9/27 23:14:46 (2154 reads)

So lots of BIG news today in the Hikki-verse!

New Song "Hymne ? l'amour" for Pepsi Nex CM:
So one of the new songs that Hikki is releasing is called "Hymne ? l'amour - Ai no Anthem" (Hymn of Love - Love Anthem). "Hymne ? l'amour" is a jazzy sounding track and the lyrics are in FRENCH!!! (along with some Japnaese). The song is a cover of Edith Piaf, with some newly written Japanese lyrics. It will be the featured song for Pepsi Nex commercials in Japan. To view versions of the commercial, which includes amazing 15 and 30 second clips of Hikki singing French lyrics of "Hymne ? l'amour", 'Special' and 'Interview' clips, as well as wallpapers, goto the Gallery and Digital Premium sections of the Pepsi Japan site.
Ring back tones for the new track will be available September 28th and full PC and mobile downloads available October 9th.

Announcement of Upcoming Concerts:
What is to be the last concerts before her hiatus, it was announced today that there will be two-day concert at Yokohama Arena on December 8th and 9th. Further details on the concerts will come later on Hikki's Website. This is sure to be huge, as Hikki will be doing her best to thank her fans before her 'break'.

Official Twitter Accounts:
As mentioned before on Hikki's blog, Hikaru has now joined the Twitterverse.
@UtadaHikaru - The one, the only HIKKI
@U3music - U3music account, mostly her dad, Teruzane, posting.
@Hikki_staff - EMI staff that work for Hikki


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Posted by Q on 2010/9/16 20:25:58 (1189 reads)

Announced today, "SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2", Utada Hikaru's last album before she takes her previously announced hiatus from the music industry, will be released on November 24th, 2010. Available for 3300yen, it is available for preorder now!

『Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2』の発売日が決定!
品番:TOCT-27027・28 (2枚組)

Posted by Q on 2010/8/10 18:54:00 (1328 reads)

Hikaru Utada's blog website reportedly received one million views in a single day, following her announcement on her blog Monday that she will be taking a break from music starting in 2011. (Source: Sanspo)

Also, in a new message on her site today, Hikaru responds to a Suponichi article. Apparently, EMI Director/Producer Akira Miyake was misquoted and the article suggests that Hikki is taking a break because she has "lost a lot" and has been "unable to go to McDonalds and Shibuya 109". Which she responds as being "ridiculous _| ̄|○". (Message Translation)

Posted by Q on 2010/8/9 7:48:52 (2426 reads)

From a new message post today on Hikaru's blog site, Hikki reminisces about the past twelve years of her career and how she started when she was only fifteen years old. She goes on to say that it has been a long time and that she thinks that she needs to spend more time on life and take a BREAK from music. She indicates that it is NOT an announcement of "RETIREMENT" but not just a "rest" or "vacation" either.

So it seems Hikki will be taking a long term SABBATICAL from her music career! However, she assures fans that she will be back one day; two years ... five years ... she cannot be sure how long.

But before that, she says she will go full-throttle with music activities until the end of this year. In the blog message, she also announces a new compilation album, SINGLES COLLECTION VOL.2, which will also include four or five new songs! The release should sometime in Fall 2010.

She also announces that she will be a part of an endorsement campaign as well, so be sure to expect some new commercials featuring Hikki!

And she is also thinking of starting a Twitter account so she can more directly respond to fans during this time.

She thanks everyone, her staff, and her fans :)

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Posted by Q on 2010/8/9 7:30:25 (1148 reads)

Hikki's WEBSITE for her Japanese / EMI work has been updated with a new look. Also, there is a new profile picture, which appears to be from the reported photo-shoot in Shibuya back in May, 2010.

Posted by Q on 2010/6/15 4:23:53 (1729 reads)

On June 6th 2010, Hikki turned 10000 days old!

Thanks to Dark_Armed_Dragon for pointing this out

Posted by Q on 2010/5/23 19:29:00 (1962 reads)

There are reports from mixi, japanese blogs and forums that Hikki was spotted in Shibuya, Tokyo, outside on a pedestrian bridge for a photo shoot on Thursday May 20, 2010.
No word yet on what the photo shoot may have been for.

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Posted by Q on 2010/5/14 21:49:01 (2417 reads)

A compilation album called 'Just Dance: Volume 3' will include Utada as well as other Island Def Jam artists.
Utada's "Dirty Desire" (Mike Rizzo's club mix) will be featured on the album.
Utada's "Come Back To Me" was also featured in the 'Just Dance: Volume 1' album.

The 'Just Dance: 3' will be released June 8th. Read the press release for more.

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Posted by Q on 2010/4/19 19:27:24 (1977 reads)

Utada's "Poppin'" is being used in Jessica Simpson's show 'The Price of Beauty' on Vh1.

The episode airs tonight, 4/19/10 and is the Tokyo, Japan episode! In case you miss it, it's episode six (6).

[credit to Jiremi]

Posted by Q on 2010/2/12 0:00:00 (1978 reads)

The final show on Utada's "In The Flesh" concert tour is tonight (feb. 12) in London, UK! The SOLD OUT show will be at the O2 Academy Islington @7pm. After last night's amazing show there, let's see if Utada can top it with her tour finale!

Hope everyone has Fun and that the UtadaNet members meet goes well! ... and please let us know your experiences here on the forum or live on Twitter hashtag #Utada or #UtadaUK.
Remember, behave! be courteous! and make friends!

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