Posted by Q on 2005/2/11 23:41:00 (1343 reads)

On Feb. 10th, 2005 Utada was in attendance at the Calvin Klein Show for Olympus Fashion Week 2005.
The show was at 5 PM, Milk Studios, 45 W. 15th St, New York.
It appears she was in attendance with Amanda Hurst and Lauren Bush.

Continue for more pics...

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Posted by Q on 2005/2/10 22:51:00 (2449 reads)

There is now a contest for American fans to be able to go see Utada at her Showcase Live in New York City.
Utada's New York Showcase Live will take place February 23rd, 2005 at Skylight in New York City.
25 winners will be chosen at random, each winner can take a guest. This contest is for US citizens over the age of 21. Contest deadline is Feb 17/05 at 6:00pm (EST)

Check out or your email if you are subscribed to the or Utada E-Team mailing list for more details.
To enter. . .

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[2/2] announces that Utada will be having a Showcase Live in NYC on February 23rd!!!
This is an update for Japanese fans, as it is a contest for 5 pairs; or 10 people to goto New York to see Utada's Showcase Live.
February 6, 2005 is the deadline

Hopefully there will also be an oppourtunity for fans in here to purchase tickets to this live performance.

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Posted by Q on 2004/12/10 3:50:00 (1157 reads)


New Single!
Look out for the follow-up to UTADA's #1 Billboard Club Single with the new single, "Exodus '04." Hot new mixes are in the works and will hit the clubs and radio in early '05.

UPDATE[12/15]: The headlines on has now been updated with this news. It notes that the sale of the "Exodus '04" single in Japan is still undecided.

Posted by Q on 2004/10/29 7:23:07 (1108 reads) has been updated with links to some American media articles (ones that we have all seen before from MTV to The NY Post; all accessable in the UtadaNet Special Sections)

Also some reviews from
Washington Blade(near the end) and
Buffalo News

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"EXODUS" has reached one million sales in only its 7th week on sale in Japan.
According to Oricon Music Charts, "EXODUS" achieved the fastest million in Japanese history for an English album.

Posted by Q on 2004/10/26 1:16:22 (899 reads)

New article from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
check it out here

Posted by Q on 2004/10/23 3:18:37 (1327 reads)

According to this aricle in The Honolulu Advertiser, Utada's "Exodus" is the number one album in Hawaii!

Also there is a new 15s NintendoDS Commercial featuring Utada once again, show her and others playing the games. More from

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A new article today from the Daily Yomiuri.
The author seems rather critical of the American music industry.
Check out the article here

Update: also has also just been updated with the news about Devil Inside being No.1 on Billboard Dance charts

Posted by Q on 2004/10/19 18:19:02 (923 reads) has been updated today with news that "Devil Inside" is NUMBER 1 on the US Billboard Dance Charts

Also it was updated with a scan of the USA Today Review of "Exodus"

Posted by Q on 2004/10/19 0:59:36 (1058 reads)

A positive review of EXODUS from USA Today.
Read it here -- the review is about midway down the page

UPDATE[10/19]: has been updated today with this scan of the article

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Here is a new and very interesting article on Utada from The Washington Post.
It isn't like the same old interview where nothing is said that we don't already know. It's rather intriguing and has a good length to it, although a few people found it to be somewhat depressing... or that Utada may have seemed a bit depressed.

Read it HERE

Also, for today, if you goto you can see a link featured on the main page under 'In Style'

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Universal Music has created a mini-site for Exodus in Hong Kong.

Utada will be appearing on CNN Financial Networks' "The Biz"
10/12/04 - 12:30 pm ET (premiere)
10/12/04 - 04:30 pm ET (repeat)
10/12/04 - 09:30 pm ET (repeat)

ROCKONTV guide to music on television
The Biz @

Credit to Zacho-san from NHW

Posted by Q on 2004/10/9 2:46:00 (1083 reads)

Here's another article, from NY Daily News, in anticipation of the release of 'EXODUS'!

"Found in translation, Hikaru"

"EXODUS" comes out tommorow, so don't forget to grab your copy!

Another one from Mercury News
"Crossover Appeal"
If you goto the link to the article on (you may need to register to see it) you can see some pictures and audio clips from the cd, and as well as the interview itself!

Another article from America Magazine

Article From

A German article here from Netzeitung
Exodus might be coming out in Europe soon. (It will be available October 19th on in Germany)

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