Posted by Q on 2005/7/28 19:14:56 (2498 reads)

Hikki's WEBSITE (Toshiba-EMI) has just updated its news announcing the release of another new song by Hikki, titled "passion". This single is to be the theme song to the upcoming video game "Kingdom Hearts II"

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Posted by Q on 2005/7/28 18:10:00 (3130 reads)

It seems that Island/Universal is testing the "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" waters in Asia. There is indeed a new music video out for the track, and it has been spotted on TV in Thailand, Hong Kong and others. In the video, there is quite a bit of special effects, in make up and CG, making Hikki appear as a robot.

*Updated with more screencaps -

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Posted by Q on 2005/7/13 21:26:52 (1447 reads)

There's a new Japanese message from Hikaru!
[7/14] "After Two Months Time!"
She talks about her new Japanese song, "Be My Last" for the movie "Haru no Yuki" and that she also completed a few other songs to be released. She says that the next couple of songs will be ballads.
She then goes on to a lengthier and interesting dialogue about a Japanese Jelly that she likes to eat with vinegar.

Check Nuuk's Hikki Texts for an English translation update.

Posted by Q on 2005/7/12 11:40:05 (1754 reads)

The news on Hikki's Toshiba-EMI website has been updated again. This time it says that Hikki attended the opening day of a kabuki play called "NINAGAWA Twelfth Night" and that she wrote a review / account of it and it is being featured on the play website. The play is being held at the Kabuki-Za Theater in Ginza Tokyo.

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Posted by Q on 2005/7/6 16:01:00 (2850 reads)

Hot news from Hikki's Toshiba-EMI website! A new Japanese song titled "Be My Last" will be released on September 28th, 2005 by Utada Hikaru! The track is described as a love ballad and will be the theme song to the upcoming movie "Haru no Yuki"

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Posted by Q on 2005/7/2 5:22:35 (1396 reads)

Theres a small blurb/review of the "Exodus '04" remixes single in Next Magazine.

In a similar vein, Double J?s take on Utada?s ?Exodus 04? passes up peak-hour red-lining in favor of cool electronic appeal with sophisticated European influences. The Island Records CD promo also contains a trio of exceptionally diverse re-rubs from Josh Harris (ranging from gritty electro to breakbeat and jungle lounge), a pair of dubs courtesy of J.J. Flores, chunky prog from Peter Bailey and two takes from Kriya and Velez that re-imagine Utada?s melancholia in hard trance and tech environs.


Also, apparently "Exodus '04" is making its way on to some of Billboard's dance charts. "Exodus '04" is scoring #11 on the Hot Dance Single Sales charts and #49 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts.

Posted by Q on 2005/6/22 22:43:06 (1373 reads)

The 11th track off Utada's EXODUS album has been remixed and getting airplay in Europe. Tom Neville's Remix of "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" has been made its way to the charts in the UK and has gotten play radio stations such as BBC's Radio1 and kiss100

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Posted by Q on 2005/6/21 18:49:03 (1209 reads)

It's finally out! The Maxi CD Single hits American store shelves today. The CD features ten hot remixes by some of the worlds best DJs. Go to your local music store today and ask for "Exodus '04" or check grab it online from stores such as,, or

Posted by HELVENEUE on 2005/6/16 21:07:41 (1432 reads)

Utada recently attended the Japanese premiere of "War of The Worlds" with her husband, Kiriya Kazuaki in Tokyo. Its a Steven Spielberg film, starring Tom Cruise. The film opens June 29th
Click here for an image from the premiere.

Posted by Q on 2005/6/2 2:11:59 (1452 reads)

According to this press release that was issued today, MTV Networks will be releasing a new video service called FLUX for mobile phone. FLUX will feature short video clips, animations, and music videos. This service will be first launched in Japan with a deal with Utada to release a series of music videos designed for mobile phones, a world first. The music for these videos will be from the EXODUS album and will apparently be animated.


In addition, FLUX has secured an exclusive partnership with Utada, Japan's
biggest female artist with sales of more than 37 million units, to produce the
world's first mobile music video series. Leading Japanese animator Koji
Morimoto will create shorts in collaboration with FLUX and Utada featuring
music from her acclaimed release Exodus (Island Records/Universal Music

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Posted by Q on 2005/6/1 2:21:00 (1399 reads) has announced the Exodus '04 CD Single!
There are 10 remixed tracks and the Single will be released on June 21, 2005.

1. ?Exodus? ? Double J Radio Mix (3:43)
2. Josh Harris? Elektrik Radio (3:26)
3. Josh Harris vs. The MPC Radio (3:43)
4. Josh Harris? Exodus Experience (4:15)
5. ?Exodus? ? Double J Extended Mix (5:56)
6. Peter Bailey Dub (7:43)
7. JJ Flores Dub #1 (5:33)
8. Kriya vs. Velez Progressive Trance Mix (6:34)
9. Kriya vs. Velez Electro House Mix (6:51)
10.JJ Flores Dub #2 (7:12)

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Posted by Q on 2005/5/18 3:11:52 (1371 reads)

According to this job posting at, which was posted May 26th, they are hiring talent for an upcoming Hikaru Utada music video in LA!
Could this upcoming music video be for "Exodus '04"?

UPDATE: It turns out that this was a casting call for a music video for the song "You Make Me Want To Be A Man", NOT "Exodus '04".

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Posted by Q on 2005/5/18 3:00:59 (1252 reads)

As expected, there seems to be another "Exodus '04" release. From (end of the page), there is a new Promo CD release this month for "Exodus '04" along with the earlier announced Vinyl single. It is likely that there will be a CD Single release for this song soon (as well as a music video as I will mention in the next news post).

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Posted by Q on 2005/5/6 16:00:00 (1307 reads)

MTV hosted the unveiling of Microsofts new game console, the XBOX 360. Hikki attended this event at The Avalon in Hollywood, CA with her husband. She saw The Killers perform and got to see the new Xbox. There seems to have been some sort of interview with MTV Japan where she said "XBOX 360!" for a promo clip. In her latest blog message she talks about her night. Since she is also spokesperson for the Nintendo DS, there may have been a conflict of interest. In her message she apologizes to Nintendo for being asked to do a spot for the Xbox 360. Utada in Japanese, "Before you watch MTV Japan and are surprised, I'm sorry Nintendo!"

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Posted by Q on 2005/4/27 4:01:55 (2499 reads)

From: (jpn) (eng)

Japanese owners of the NintendoDS game "Nintendogs" will be able to goto a participating retailer and download the dog data for "Shin-chan": The Nintendog that was raised by Utada Hikaru. "Once the download is made, you'll be able to select to have Shin-chan come over and play with your dog."

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