Posted by Q on 2005/2/19 2:37:00 (1202 reads)

Hikki has posted a new English message up at

"A very belated..." - She talks about her Valentines and what shes been up to lately, including preparations for the Showcase and a book on SALT.

You can read the message here.

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On Feb. 10th, 2005 Utada was in attendance at the Calvin Klein Show for Olympus Fashion Week 2005.
The show was at 5 PM, Milk Studios, 45 W. 15th St, New York.
It appears she was in attendance with Amanda Hurst and Lauren Bush.

Continue for more pics...

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Posted by Q on 2005/2/10 22:51:00 (2689 reads)

There is now a contest for American fans to be able to go see Utada at her Showcase Live in New York City.
Utada's New York Showcase Live will take place February 23rd, 2005 at Skylight in New York City.
25 winners will be chosen at random, each winner can take a guest. This contest is for US citizens over the age of 21. Contest deadline is Feb 17/05 at 6:00pm (EST)

Check out or your email if you are subscribed to the or Utada E-Team mailing list for more details.
To enter. . .

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Posted by Q on 2005/2/9 1:12:30 (1222 reads)

Another new blog message from Utada! (Japanese)

She mentions the upcoming showcase, how busy she is right now, and that she is currently working on a new song. She talks about how, just like last year, she is once again busy with preparing for a live performance and producing a new music. She also quotes Einstein and has gotten the new iPod Shuffle.

Posted by Q on 2005/2/2 22:50:00 (3771 reads)

[2/2] announces that Utada will be having a Showcase Live in NYC on February 23rd!!!
This is an update for Japanese fans, as it is a contest for 5 pairs; or 10 people to goto New York to see Utada's Showcase Live.
February 6, 2005 is the deadline

Hopefully there will also be an oppourtunity for fans in here to purchase tickets to this live performance.

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Posted by Q on 2005/1/19 14:15:32 (1340 reads)

[1/19] Twenty-two years ago today, in Manhattan, New York... a star was born! Hikaru Utada was born on January 19th, 1983 and today we wish her a very happy birthday!

Posted by Q on 2005/1/16 17:04:22 (1277 reads)

[1/17] The first new message from Utada for 2005 has been posted. This is also the first message to be on the website.

Check it out the message here (in Japanese)
There's a full English translation done by Nuuk.

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Posted by Q on 2004/12/10 3:50:00 (1374 reads)


New Single!
Look out for the follow-up to UTADA's #1 Billboard Club Single with the new single, "Exodus '04." Hot new mixes are in the works and will hit the clubs and radio in early '05.

UPDATE[12/15]: The headlines on has now been updated with this news. It notes that the sale of the "Exodus '04" single in Japan is still undecided.

Posted by Q on 2004/12/9 15:26:33 (1300 reads)

Six years ago today, on December 9th, 1998, Utada Hikaru debuted with the single "Automatic", and took Japan by storm. The years following have met her with nothing but success; with her debut album "First Love" being the most successful ever in the history of Japan. Hikaru is now regarded as one of the greatest artists in the world.

Congratulations to Hikki on this anniversary!

Posted by Q on 2004/11/22 0:09:21 (1561 reads)

The Japanese Nintendo DS website has updated their NDS Concept video with more footage of Utada playing more of the games offered on the NDS. ( click 'Whats DS' on the menu at the bottom of the flash site. 11/15)

If you didnt know, the Nintendo DS is now on sale in North America as of November 21st.

And also there is a new version of the Nintendo DS commercials that are playing on Japanese TV...

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Utada attends the 2004 Teen People’s Artists of the Year Party at The Key Club in West Hollywood, California.
(Read more for pictures)

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Posted by Q on 2004/11/10 23:42:20 (1699 reads)

(Updated - Read more)
[Nov 09-04, New York] Utada attends the premiere of "After the Sunset" (starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek & Woody Harrelson) at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC.

"It's a popcorn movie," 21 year-old Japanese pop star Utada reported joyfully. "It totally succeeded." ...

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Posted by Q on 2004/10/29 7:23:07 (1283 reads) has been updated with links to some American media articles (ones that we have all seen before from MTV to The NY Post; all accessable in the UtadaNet Special Sections)

Also some reviews from
Washington Blade(near the end) and
Buffalo News

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